Eutelsat Agreement with Airbus for Construction of 36D Satellite Main Orbit

Eutelsat D Satellite Agreement with Airbus for Construction of Main Yorunge Nest
Eutelsat D Satellite Agreement with Airbus for Construction of Main Yorunge Nest

The eighth order confirmed Eurostar Neo's success in the GEO market. Eutelsat has ordered Airbus for 26 satellites so far.

Eutelsat, one of the world's leading satellite operators, has contracted with Airbus to build EUTELSAT 36D, a new generation of multitasking geostationary telecommunications satellite.

The EUTELSAT 36D spacecraft will replace Eutelsat at 36 degrees east, an important orbital slot for TV broadcasting (DTH) and government negotiations in Africa, Russia and Europe, and will increase its capacity.

The EUTELSAT 36D will be the eighth satellite connected to the state-of-the-art Airbus Eurostar Neo platform, which has become an important evolution of the highly reliable and successful Eurostar series with a number of major innovations.

Eurostar Neo combines increased load capacity and more efficient power and thermal control systems with reduced production time and optimized costs as part of a fully digitized production process.

The EUTELSAT 36D provides flexibility and performance optimization to serve Africa, Russia and Europe with 70 Ku-band transponders and a steerable antenna on five uplink.

Airbus Telecom Systems President François Gaullier said, “With this eighth agreement for Eurostar Neo, we continue our strategy by constantly pioneering new technologies in order to better serve the needs of our customers. We are happy to assist Eutelsat to provide broadcast and data connectivity, including in remote areas where they are most needed. Personally, Eutelsat's steady trust in our products is a great praise for the reliability of our work, but also a source of pride for all of our talented teammates. said.

EUTELSAT 2024D, which will be launched in the first half of 36, will combine 18 kW of electrical power with a 5-ton reduced launch mass enabled by Airbus' EOR (Electric Orbit Raising) feature and will have an operational life of more than 15 years.

The EUTELSAT 36D is the 26th Airbus satellite ordered by Eutelsat, reinforcing Airbus's position as the world's number one in electric propulsion satellites, with four fully-electric satellites operating in orbit and 17 additional fully-electric high-capacity telecommunications satellites under construction.

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