Eskişehir Rail Systems Sector in Europe

eskisehir rail systems sector in europe
eskisehir rail systems sector in europe

Eskişehir will meet at the same table with Europe's strongest manufacturers and research centers in the field of rail systems and will meet with more than 2 thousand manufacturers. In this context, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) became a partner of the European Railway Cooperation Initiative.

Stating that they were accepted to an important structure after the goal of moving Eskişehir industry to international platforms and increasing the export capacities of ESO members and the producers in Eskişehir, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş said, “Within the scope of the projects we are carrying out, our Chamber is an important railway operating in Europe. has become a partner in the European Railway Cooperation Initiative established by the organizations. With this initiative of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, rail systems after Eskişehir aviation and automotive sectors also had the opportunity to be represented and promoted in Europe's largest sectoral network ”.

Eskisehir in the international arena

Rail systems sector is accepted as a new member of the organization, which is one of the most important umbrella organization in Europe Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, the platform that emphasizes recorded as the second organization adopted from Turkey Kesikbaş, "European Railway Cooperation Initiative, established a common strategy of international is a platform. The Chambers operating in the rail systems sector, operates with the aim of increasing the cooperation between clusters and member companies ”shared the information.

More than 300 thousand jobs

Stating that the platform is the largest cooperation network of the railway sector and a structure supported by the European Union, Kesikbaş said, “Activities are carried out on the platform to bring manufacturers, suppliers, customers and supply chain actors together. Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce in Turkey with the participation of a total of 9 members from 16 countries were reached. It represents more than two thousand manufacturers and research institutes. Platform members create more than 300 thousand jobs in the rail systems industry, ”he said.

Great contribution to domestic production

European Railway Cooperation Initiative membership with Turkey's National High Speed ​​Rail project identification process in Eskisehir rail industry, prestige and new business connections President ESO pointed out that there are significant advantages in terms Kesikbaş, "Eskisehir in our country platforms with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce stronger has gained representation. With the membership of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, many meetings, promotions, B2B organizations, projects and joint activities will be implemented specific to the rail systems sector. However, this initiative of our Chamber will provide serious advantages, especially in terms of introducing the URAYSİM project, explaining the capabilities of Eskişehir in the field of rail systems, creating new collaborations and investment opportunities. We hope that the partnership will make serious contributions to our members and Eskişehir rail systems industry ”.

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