World's Largest Planetarium to Be Established in Shanghai

the world's largest planetarium is established in shanghai
the world's largest planetarium is established in shanghai

📩 03/03/2021 11:55

Shanghai Planetarium, which will serve as a science and technology museum in Shanghai, is preparing to host its visitors in June. The planetarium, which will be located in the new Pudong region, will sit on a total area of ​​38 thousand square meters and will be remembered as the largest planetarium in the world in terms of the area it covers.

The planetarium will consist of a main building and additional facility units, such as a youth discovery center, and two public observatories. The exhibition area will be located on a total area of ​​12 square meters.

This planetarium will contain as many as 70 meteorites, some from the Moon, Mars, and Vesta (a giant celestial body / asteroid). Also among the 120 collection objects on display will include original works by Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler and some other scientists.

On the other hand, technologies such as data imaging, augmented reality, virtual reality, biometry and artificial intelligence will be put into practice in order to enable visitors to gain interactive knowledge of astronomy science.

Source: China International Radio

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