Domestic Xiaomi Smartphones On Sale In April

domestic xiaomi smartphones will be on sale in april
domestic xiaomi smartphones will be on sale in april

Global technology giant continues to invest in Turkey. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, after the factory started test production in Turkey Xiaomimi Oppo also visited. Minister in the investigation at the facility Varank, "Starting next month, these handsets manufactured at the plant will begin to be sold in Turkey." said. Varank emphasized that his facility will have a production capacity of 5 million smartphones per year and said, "When the production starts at full capacity, 2 thousand citizens will find employment opportunities." he spoke.

Minister Varank, on the social media regarding his visit, said, “Global technology giants continue to invest in our country! Xiaomi, which established in Turkey with global supply Salcomp began trial production at the plant. Welcome! @xiaomiturki to. "he shares.

Xiaomi Chinese technology giant, the world's largest smartphone chargers and accessories manufacturer in Avcılar, Istanbul was chosen for production will be held in Turkey and Finland originating in Salcomp. Here, an old factory building established in 1975 was completely renovated. The technology solution partnership of Salcomp was undertaken by Kontrolmatik in the production facility, which has a closed area of ​​15 thousand square meters and a clean room of 7500 square meters.

Minister Varank visited Xiaomi's production facility, where testing for smartphone production continues. Xiaomi Varank examination in the Middle East General Manager Ronnie Wang, Director Usher Xiaomi Liu Turkey, Turkey Salcomp Manager David Chang, CEO of Salcomp Operations manager George Deng was accompanied by Kontrolmatik Sami Aslanhan.

Varank, who made evaluations after his inspections in the factory, said in summary:

In particular, the global technology company in Turkey, they began to invest in the smartphone market, we talked about before. Turkey's all we're talking about an issue that actually wait impatiently. We visit the factory in Avcılar, where Xiaomi phones are produced and will be produced in the next period. As you know, Xiaomi is a global technology company. It is a company of Chinese origin that is currently climbing to the top of the world as a brand and is among the strongest companies in the world. That it is now beginning to produce the Xiaomi phone in Turkey.

Of course, the strategy of the company is that they do not produce themselves. They generally produce with partners, partners. Salcomp they choose the manufacturer in Turkey. Salcomp is also a very important global brand that manufactures in the field of technology all over the world. The factory we are here today is actually an old factory founded in 1975. They bought this place. They renovated the factory in a modern way, as you can see here. They will produce in a closed area of ​​15 thousand square meters. They created a 'clean room' of approximately 7 thousand 500 square meters.

Phone productions can start from SKD or CKD. SKD, fewer parts put together by assembly. CKD is a type of production made by manufacturing and installing components from the very beginning. Global companies are now starting to come CKD production will start making Turkey. Production tests of Xiaomi phones have started here. Beginning next month, these handsets manufactured at the plant will begin to be sold in Turkey. Until the end of this year, the company is considering to complete its CKD investments.

In these facilities you see, the annual production capacity of 5 million phones will be reached. Of course, the global technology firms to invest in Turkey, very pleased with the interest in Turkey. Of course we have them the following advice: please do your negotiating with local suppliers when you come to Turkey. Try to add the built-suppliers in Turkey and of course your own supply chain targets to export from Turkey.

Turkey is an important market. It is a market where over 10 million phones are sold, especially in terms of smartphones. Both located in an ambitious way they do in this market to the world with production in Turkey to sell these phones in terms of major global brands. Hopefully, when we start production at full capacity, that is, when the annual capacity of 5 million phones is reached, 2 thousand citizens will find employment opportunities.

Representatives of both Xiaomi and Salcomp are with me. I thank them very much. Here, they contribute to the training of our own engineers and technicians, especially with the transfer of know-how. I hope to attract more global technology company in Turkey, with also to pave the way for promoting our partnership in Turkey, we will continue our support in the coming period the government. Not only in R & D in the field of production of these companies have the intention to invest in Turkey. Hopefully he'll be able to pull their investments in Turkey.

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