Good News of the ADA Train to Dilovası!

dilovasina island train
dilovasina island train

Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir gave the good news that the ADA train services, which provide a great convenience for Dilovalılar to reach Kocaeli and Istanbul, will restart after an interval of 9 years.

Since the day he took office, Mayor Şayir, who has made frequent meetings with officials of the Ministry of Transport and State Railways, conveyed the Dilovalılar's request to the authorities to stop at Diliskelesi and Tavşancıl stations in Dilovası, which is an important transportation problem for the people of Dilovası, to take passengers. He gave and 9 years of longing was over.

The Ministry of Transport and TCDD officials, who came to Dilovası the day before, came together with Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir at the Diliskelesi Train Station and examined them. After the examination, Mayor Şayir and officials decided to stop Adapazarı Express train flights at Diliskelesi Train Station and to pick up and drop passengers, and heralded that the first train flights will start on 26 March.

President Şayir, who announced the good news to the people of Dilovalı on his social media account after the examination, said, “Ada Train is restarting passenger flights!

As a result of our initiatives, the Island train services, which were suspended due to high speed train works, were completed on 26.03. Passenger flights will start from Diliskelesi Station on Friday, 2021. Congratulations to our Rising City Dilov! ”He said.

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