Corendon Airlines Awaits a Long Tourist Season

corendon airlines await a long tourist season
corendon airlines await a long tourist season

Corendon Airlines announced an extended winter program, predicting that the 2021 summer season will last longer than usual and that there will be intense demand for the 2021-2022 winter season.

Believing that the European tourist, who has been away from vacation for a long time due to the pandemic effect, will make use of the 2021 summer season until the end of the 2021 summer season, Corendon Airlines has announced a busy flight plan for the 2022-XNUMX winter season, predicting that this demand will also be reflected in the winter season. especially in Germany, England, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the popular winter vacation destinations from Belgium to Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Egypt and which will organize flights to Israel Corendon Airlines added new destinations to potential believing flight network of the winter season and weekly It expanded its program by increasing the number of flights. Corendon Airlines also will increase interest in winter period from Europe to Turkey which was organized in anticipation of holiday destinations such as Antalya and Izmir, Anatolia and the line will continue without interruption direct flights.

Corendon Airlines Trade Director Mine Aslan said the following about Corendon Airlines' winter program. “When we observe the holiday demand in European countries, which is Corendon Airlines' main market, we think that this summer the season will last even longer than in previous years. This demand has exceeded the 2021 summer season and started to affect the 2021-2022 winter season. through to prepare for a busier than usual winter season, especially as we prepare for a busy flight schedule, we see that Turkey and the Canary Islands and has already met with interest. " He spoke in the form.

Passengers liked to fly directly to Anatolia

Corendon Airlines, which has regularly increased the number of direct flights from European cities where expatriates live to Anatolia for the last three years, will continue these flights without slowing down in winter. 12 months for the continuation of the flight line and the Anatolian Lions Mine explaining that they support both from Germany by plane in Turkey, "our citizens expats living in Germany and the Netherlands wants to fly nonstop so as to direct Anatolia. Our direct flights from Europe to 8 Anatolian cities, especially Zonguldak, Trabzon, Kayseri and Gaziantep, will continue without interruption. Izmir and Antalya on the other hand, both ethnic and tourist flights from Europe while increasing our number during the winter season will be 110 flights a week to Turkey is performing. " he stated.

The Canary Islands Are Coming Back!

Mine Aslan continued her words as follows. “As Corendon Airlines, in the winter season, Europe bayraklı We will be flying intensively within Europe with our airline. Our main market is Germany, another destination is seeing intense interest in Turkey until the Canary Islands. We will fly more to the Canary Islands this winter than we have ever flew, given the intense interest of the German and Austrian markets. Our flights to Poland, Austria, Holland and Switzerland from Canary Islands are also planned. For the first time, we will be operating a direct flight from 5 cities in Germany to Madeira Island in Portugal in the same region. "

New Winter Destinations

Corendon Airlines does not miss the reservation mobility in Egypt's touristic destinations, which were closed during the pandemic, and is presenting Sharm-el Sheikh in Egypt and Tel-Aviv in Israel as winter destinations for the first time this year.

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