Children's Vitamin Needs Different From Adults

children need different vitamins than adults
children need different vitamins than adults

We all remember once again the importance of strong immunity while schools are on the agenda to shift to face-to-face education.Pharmacist Ayşen Dincer, who points out that children's malnutrition and hidden hunger are a global problem today, underlines that this situation causes many health problems. Referring to the importance of vitamin and mineral supplements for a healthy life, Dincer says that parents should prefer multivitamins prepared for their children according to age and needs.

Schools are planned to start face-to-face education as of March. In this period when our children will leave the safe environment at home and contact their friends and teachers, they will sometimes have to go to and from school by public transportation, keeping their immunity strong is of great importance. Regular and saying that the first step to support the immunity of a balanced diet Pharmacists Ayse Dincer, unfortunately, that undernourished children in the world not only in Turkey, but draws attention to the problems faced by hidden hunger.

The research entitled "The State of the World's Children" published by UNICEF in 2019 is proof of Dincer's words. According to the study, at least one in three children under the age of 5 in the world suffers from stunting, weakness or overweight due to malnutrition. At least 5 in 2 children under the age of 1 suffer from hidden hunger due to deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. 6 percent of children aged 23 to 44 months do not eat fruit or vegetables, and 59 percent do not consume eggs, dairy products, fish or meat.

Processed foods hidden cause of hunger

Pharmacist Ayşen Dincer explains that processed foods, fast food and carbonated beverages that children frequently consume today are another cause of hidden hunger. Since 1990, between overweight children and adolescents 5-19 years of age in Turkey, underlining that the increased rate of 151.1 percent Pharm. For this reason, Dincer states that anemia, iron and iodine deficiency are the most common health problems in children.

Reminding that vitamin and mineral support is very important both for protection from diseases and for maintaining the academic success of children in this period of pandemic. Dincer says that this is exactly why children should use vitamin and mineral supplements tailored to their age and needs. Underlining that a child cannot use the support of their mother or father, Pharm. “Vitamin and mineral needs of children, adults and the elderly are not the same,” Dincer said. Even men and women… Therefore, it would not be right for the whole family to use the same vitamin. Considering that children are in their growing age, they should use multivitamins produced by a reliable brand that responds to their daily vitamin and mineral needs, ”he says.

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