All About Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

counseling for children and adolescents
counseling for children and adolescents

Child therapy ve adolescent therapy; It aims to help both the family and the child-adolescent for the problems that may arise in the developmental period, to continue the growth and development of a healthy individual, and to address the problems from the perspective of an expert in a constructive way.

Childhood is the most strategically important period in the development of self-perception and the formation of a healthy spirituality. The therapy processes carried out with children is a process that aims to make sense of the complex world of the child and help the difficulties they experience, and is carried out under the supervision of an expert psychologist, where the parents are included when necessary. The most common method used in psychotherapy with children "Game Therapy”Is. Play therapy is the strategic use of play in the therapeutic context to improve specific therapeutic outcomes. Game; It is an important opportunity for the child to express himself, realize his abilities, use his creative potential, and develop his language, mental, social, emotional and motor skills.

Children express their conscious thoughts and emotions much better than they can express only with words through play activities. The child can reveal his unconscious conflicts through reflection, displacement and symbolization defense mechanisms through specially selected toys, games and materials. Children can recreate and relax stressful and traumatic experiences during play, thereby gaining a sense of power and control over them. If the therapist in the playroom; While allowing the child to decide as he wishes by drawing certain boundaries, he tries to establish a relationship by accepting him as he is. It shows the child's confidence in solving the problem in his own way, without directing the content of his play. In this process, the child has the opportunity to confidently express his emotions, thoughts and experiences through play.

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Adolescence is a period when the transition from childhood to adulthood is experienced and is often painful for both the family and the adolescent person. During adolescence, the person both says goodbye to his childhood and embarks on a new discovery journey in his body and soul. In this journey, both the repair of childhood wounds, the physical and emotional change of the present, and the future concerns are on the agenda. In the therapy process, the aim is to reveal the healing, integrating and transformative aspect of this journey. In this way, it is aimed to experience the adolescence period in a healthy way, to integrate the family system into this period and to create a protective ground for adulthood.

Practice Areas in Adolescent Therapy

Exam anxiety, anger problems, adjustment problems, depressive mood, academic inadequacy, inability to socialize and peer relationships, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, attention deficit, eating disorders, conflict with family, introversion, shyness, career choice and future anxieties, etc.

Study Areas in Child Therapy

Sleep problems, sibling jealousy, nail biting, school adaptation problems, phobias, attachment problems, separation anxiety, abuse and abuse, learning problems, bedwetting, eating problems, anxiety and fear, child in the process of divorce, attention and impulse problems, crying spells, etc. …

Personality develops with a sense of self that shapes the child's self. This perception starts with the development of the brain's first beliefs about identity in the first 6 years, and the development continues from the core of the soul to the outside world with the sense of trust after the age of 7. Therefore, the period between the ages of 3-16 is also a period when children's assets come into contact with the world, gain personality or get damaged by wounds. Small inexperienced hearts, who continue on their way between the expectations of the outside world, parents, teachers, society, need experiences that will reveal themselves with all their efforts. Among the tiring work of expectations and higher education systems, a personality tree may form in the child's soul towards the end of the adolescence years, the branches of this tree may open towards the sky, may not develop and may remain small or unhealthy. We hope to emerge and open up to the sky ...

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