China Made C919 Aircraft To Be Delivered During The Year

The jinn made will be delivered within the next year
The jinn made will be delivered within the next year

📩 02/03/2021 14:09

China Eastern Airlines and COMAC company signed the contract to purchase the Chinese-made C919 large passenger plane in Shanghai. This agreement became the first official purchase contract for the C919 aircraft. China Eastern Airlines will be the world's first airline to operate the C919 large passenger plane.

Under the agreement, China Eastern Airlines will first buy 5 C919 large passenger aircraft, and the first aircraft is expected to be delivered within the year. Shanghai will be used as the home base. The C919 aircraft is a large civil aircraft developed by China in accordance with international civil aviation legislation and has independent intellectual property rights. The test flight of the C919 was successfully carried out on May 5, 2017.

Source: China International Radio

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