China Pickup Truck Market Witnesses a Three-Digit Increase in February

The recovery in the gin economy led to a three-digit increase in van sales
The recovery in the gin economy led to a three-digit increase in van sales

China's pickup truck market witnessed a three-digit increase in February. According to the Chinese Passenger Vehicle Association, the number of pickup trucks sold in February 2021 increased by 507 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 32 thousand. In February 2020, a significant part of the country was under quarantine due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, this figure is higher than February 2019, according to the association's statement, because the number of trucks sold at that time was 28 thousand.

Combining the characteristics of passenger and commercial vehicles, pickups have become increasingly popular in the country in recent years. The Chinese Passenger Car Association expects continuous improvement in the van market, citing the steady recovery in the Chinese economy and the increase in passenger car demand caused by new business models emerging in the midst of the epidemic.

China has made efforts in recent years to make it easier for trucks to enter cities. Earlier this month, the country's trade ministry issued a guide urging local authorities to urgently relax restrictions on the entry of trucks into cities to further increase car consumption.

Source: China International Radio

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