China Moves 2020 Satellites of Different Countries to Space in 59

carried the satellites of different countries to space in the year of jinn
carried the satellites of different countries to space in the year of jinn

Over the past year, China has played an active role in advancing international cooperation in space. In this context, according to the blue book on Space Science and Technologies, China offered export and satellite sending and application services to the world. The balance sheet released at the end of the year shows that 51 Chinese missiles carried 59 foreign commercial satellites into space.

China's Long Walk missiles carried 12 commercial teledetection satellites produced by Argentina's Satellogic firm into their orbits in January and November. The Argentine firm also reached an agreement with the China Great Wall Industry Cooperation to send 90 more satellites into space with Long Walk missiles.

In December, Ethiopia launched its second satellite into space with the help of China. The operation was carried out from the Wenchang space launch center in Hainan, China's southern province. The technical and detailed design of the satellite, whose preliminary design was made in Eriopia, was completed by the joint work of a Chinese Ethiopian mixed team. The report states that this cooperation is a new example of international solidarity in the fight against climate change.

At the Johannesburg Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum held in 2015, the Chinese government promised to provide 10 thousand African villages with satellite television. According to the report, 2020 African countries carried out the project, which includes 8 thousand 162 villages in 19. On the other hand, the project published educational videos for students in countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and the People's Republic of Congo.

Source: China International Radio

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