Changes in Seasonal Normals Affect the Health of Pets

changes in seasonal normals affect the health of pets
changes in seasonal normals affect the health of pets

MSD Animal Health, Protect Our Future Too (Protect us in our future) project in Turkey, including 30 European, North African and Middle Eastern countries was launched. The campaign draws attention to the impact and risks on pets of changes in seasonal normals, such as warmer autumn and winters and higher annual average temperatures.

Scientists who are experts in parasites, animal behavior, diseases and single health within the scope of the project; They shared their views on these main issues. Accordingly, parasites such as fleas and ticks are the main effects of the changes in seasonal normals on pets. Ticks can survive longer in warmer climates.

Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Head of Parasitology Department. Dr. Regarding parasites, Levent Aydın said, “Many species, besides being parasites themselves, transmit a large number of bacterial, viral, parasitic, rickettsial and spiroketal pathogens to plants, animals and humans. "External parasites such as fleas and ticks damage their hosts by causing allergy, paralysis and toxicity in addition to being carrier."

Prof. Dr. Aydın made the following evaluations regarding the risks posed by changes in seasonal conditions for pets: “The world has warmed by 30 degrees in the last 0,8 years. This causes external parasites and the diseases it carries to appear throughout the year. For this reason, it has become clear that efforts to combat and control external parasites should be carried out throughout the year. "

10 out of 9 people are unaware of the risk posed by the change in seasonal normals

According to the survey conducted as part of the Protect Our Future Too project, 92% of pet owners are unaware of the effects of changes in seasonal normals on animals. While 80% of healthcare professionals working in veterinary clinics surveyed stated that they found ticks in pets in the colder months between October and March, 64% recommend year-round protection as ticks can be seen year-round.

Bursa Uludağ University Veterinary Faculty Retired Lecturer Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Aytuğ comments: “Changes in seasonal normals continue to disrupt all ecosystem balances rapidly. Increasing average temperatures, changes in rainy seasons and amounts, floods and storms are affecting our world more and more frequently. In this context, the behavior of animals changes, new diseases emerge or suppressed infections come back to the agenda. As temperatures increase, the risk of transmitting diseases of carriers whose physiological activities depend on environmental temperature have spread to all seasons and new geographies. It has now become one of our most important responsibilities to protect our friends at home from diseases transmitted by carriers throughout the year. We should take detailed information from veterinarians about the ways of protection from fleas, ticks and sandflies throughout the year, and take this important step for the health of our patty friends. Every day we are late is an important factor that increases the risk of infection! ”

Because ticks pose a direct threat to pets, it is important to protect them against these risks. But only 41% of those surveyed protect their pets against parasites all year round. In Turkey, 82% of respondents pets flea / tick only states that protect against the spring and summer period.

Drawing attention to the importance of evaluating the risk of parasites that require protection for pets throughout the year due to the increases in air temperatures throughout the year, especially in autumn and winter, MSD Animal Health Pet Business Unit Manager Filiz Nasiri Işık said, “The results of the change we experience in seasonal normals are it affects daily life and living conditions. One of them is the increased risk of parasites for our pets. First, we must raise awareness on this issue and take action to protect our pets against parasites in all seasons for their health and well-being. As MSD Animal Health, we offer innovative solutions to protect the health of pets against parasite risks 12 months a year. We will continue to support the health of animal owners and paternal friends with such awareness campaigns and inclusive solutions we offer. " said.

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