Two Ministries to Collaborate to Establish Libraries in Prisons

Two ministries will cooperate to establish libraries in prisons
Two ministries will cooperate to establish libraries in prisons

He attended the “Cooperation Protocol on the Establishment of Libraries in the Campuses of the Penal Institution” with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and the Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül.

Speaking at the "Cooperation Protocol Ceremony on the Establishment of Libraries in Prison Campuses" held in the National Library Conference Hall, Minister Ersoy said that about one and a half years ago, on October 24, 2019, they signed a cooperation protocol with Justice Minister Gül, He reminded that they started to provide educational support.

Minister Ersoy said, “With 17 million books and 4 million publications both in our libraries, we made 21 million books and publications accessible to prison libraries and prisoners, employees and families. Under the protocol, 31 thousand books were lent until the end of December 2020, 230. In the first 3 months of this year, 25 books were lent. " said.

Minister Ersoy stated that due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, many prisoners and convicts were allowed, and libraries were closed due to the epidemic, although these numbers showed how high the need and demand were.

Stating that they match the libraries in detention and prisons with provincial and district libraries and ensure that they receive support from them, Minister Ersoy emphasized that especially in the campus prison campuses, prisoners, convicts and employees constitute a medium-sized district population and that a new protocol is needed to meet their needs.

Minister Ersoy said, “In the first place, libraries started to be established in Ankara Sincan and Kayseri prisons. Libraries will be created rapidly in 11 campus-type prisons. Arrested and convicts will have fast access to the latest publications. In prisons, the supply of books was mainly through donations, donations were made by second hand. They could not have access to the latest broadcasts. We will meet this need with the study. We also create audio books and materials for hearing impaired prisoners and convicts in libraries. When looked at, a great need will be met. " said.

At the end of his words, Minister Ersoy thanked the staff of the Directorate General of Library and Publications and the library staff for his occasion during the 57th Library Week.

"Improvement Is The Basis Of Our Execution Policy"

Minister Abdulhamit Gül celebrated the 57th Library Week organized with the “Ages of Words Theme” and wished that this week would open up new horizons.

Stating that it is a priority for people who enter penitentiary institutions after being convicted of a crime to prepare for life after their sentence, Minister Gül said, “The main purpose of the execution regime is to reintegrate our people into society. kazanis to climb. Correction forms the basis of our execution policy.” said.

Emphasizing that the deep-rooted support and activities provided by the Ministry within the scope of education and improvement activities make an important contribution to the individual development of convicts, Minister Gül said that the essence of all work is the reintegration of people into society. kazanHe noted that he had the thought of falling.

The main purpose of the punishment given for a crime is not to commit that crime again and the perpetrator of the crime is to be reintegrated into the society. kazanMinister Gül stated that the punishment is not only by being in prison for a certain period of time, but also by continuing education and cultural activities during his stay in prison.

"There Are Over 2021 Million Books In Our Prisons As Of January 1"

Reminding that they signed a cooperation protocol with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ersoy on 24 October 2019 regarding the access of convicts in prison to the books, Minister Gül said:

“There are over 2021 million books in our prisons as of January 1. With this cooperation protocol, they have become free and easily accessible to 17 million publications in public libraries. Thus, we started the borrowing process. The person who stayed in prison for 15 days from the relevant library buys the book and returns it again. Since October 2019, 255 thousand books have been borrowed by convicts and detainees. "

Stating that they will sign a cooperation protocol to establish a library for convicts and detainees to have periodical and non-periodical publications in campus penal institutions today, Minister Gül said, “With this protocol, Silivri, Sincan, Maltepe, İzmir, Elazığ, Diyarbakır, Tarsus, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Tekirdağ , Hatay, Afyonkarahisar, Van Penal Execution Institution Campuses will be initiated to establish a public library. Both our staff and their families as well as convicts and detainees in prison will have access to libraries. " said.

Convicts and detainees in Penitentiary Institutions kazanEmphasizing that their support to education and training activities, and the efforts to provide jobs and professions for the improvement of education and training, Minister Gül continued, “Positive score criteria have been determined within the scope of January 2021 Good Conduct Practices. Here, too, positive points are given to convicts and detainees who read books, and reading a book has been added to the criteria as of January 2021, while examining good behavior. We will make a regulation on the habit of reading books. We will continue our incentives in this regard as well.” used the phrase.

Reminding that they have opened prison schools for the first time with the Ministry of National Education, Minister Gül emphasized that they will also open 6 new Justice Vocational Training Centers.

Thanking the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ersoy for their support, Minister Gül said: “We are presenting our book donation campaign that we will conduct with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to the public. Especially in this context, we expect all of you to support the social responsibility project in order to support convicts and detainees in prison and to integrate them into society. Our General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses and our General Directorate of Libraries and Publications will continue this campaign together. The book donation campaign, we will continue this campaign by placing book boxes in shopping malls, certain centers of cities and in front of courthouses. On this occasion, I invite all citizens to this campaign. "

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