Where is Çeşnigir Bridge? Çeşnigir Bridge History

Where is Cesnigir Bridge History of Cesnigir Bridge
Where is Cesnigir Bridge History of Cesnigir Bridge

Çeşnigir Bridge is a bridge built between the Karakeçili district of Kırıkkale and Köprüköy district, on the Kızılırmak River located within the borders of Keskin, during the period of the Great Seljuk State.

Çeşnigir Bridge History

Although the exact construction date of the bridge is not known, it is estimated that it is a work from the 13th century as can be understood from the architecture and the resources available. It is rumored that Timur and his armies crossed over this bridge in 1402 on their way to the Battle of Ankara.

Selim I, who went to the Egyptian Expedition, had the bridge rebuilt by Mimar Sinan. The bridge, which was open to vehicle traffic until 1989, became unusable due to the rise of the water level after the construction of the Kapulukaya Dam and was closed to vehicle traffic.

The bridge, which was repaired on various dates during the Republic Period, was finally restored in 2010 as a result of the efforts of the Highways 4th Regional Directorate.

The bridge is currently closed to vehicle traffic and is only open to the public.

Çeşnigir Bridge Architecture

The historical bridge, built of cut stone, is 110 meters long and 6 meters wide and has a middle span of 18.60 meters. There is a clear inclination in the middle part in order for the structure to sit firmly on the river. [There are 3 eyes on the bridge, 9 of which are above and 12 of which are below to ensure the flow of water. The building has an important place as it offers the opportunity to observe the Seljuk architecture.

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