Where is Cendere Bridge? Cendere Bridge History and Story

where is the cendere kophür history and story
where is the cendere kophür history and story

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It is a historical bridge located on the Cendere stream in Adıyaman and is known as one of the oldest bridges in the world that is still in use. The bridge was built by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (AD 193-211). XVI, who established a headquarters in Samsat (Somasata) at that time. It was built by the Legion.

Cendere Bridge Features

It is located 55 km from Adıyaman in an ancient settlement known as Eskikale today. It connects Kahta and Sincik. It is the second largest arched bridge built by the Romans.

Consisting of two arches, one main arch and one evacuation arch, the bridge is made of smooth cut stones, each weighing tons. The bridge is 7 meters wide, 30 meters high and 120 meters long. The most interesting architectural feature is that it was built without mortar. The bridge rises in the form of a ramp from both sides and joins in the middle. This feature not only increases the static durability of the bridge but also gives it a monumental appearance.

Until 1997, vehicles up to 5 tons in weight were allowed to pass, and the passage of vehicles was completely prohibited after the bridge was renovated. The new bridge built 500 meters east is used.

The Cendere Bridge Story

According to a Latin inscription on the bridge, it was built in the name of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (193-211), his wife and sons. It is known that two of them on the Kahta side were dedicated to Septimius Severus and his wife, and the two on the Sincik side were dedicated to their sons. However, the column belonging to Geta, one of the sons, was destroyed by the brother named Caracalla, who killed him and wanted to destroy everything belonging to his brother.

The bridge was overhauled in 1997 and vehicles weighing up to 5 tons were allowed to pass. The new bridge was built, so it was completely prohibited. A new bridge was built 500 meters east.

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