Caution When Using Cotton Buds!

caution when using ear cleaning pads
caution when using ear cleaning pads

📩 09/03/2021 12:27

Products also known as cotton swabs or cotton swabs contain hidden dangers that threaten ear health. Audiologist Seda Başkurt, May Hearing Aids Training Supervisor, warns that the cleaning sticks used unconsciously cause inflammation and fungus formation in the ears.

Commonly used cleaning sticks endanger ear health. Contrary to what is known, cotton swabs that can be used to clean the folds of the auricle can damage the eardrum and cause inflammation and fungus formation as a result of improper use.

May Hearing Aids Education Supervisor, Audiologist Seda Başkurt, stating that ear cleaning sticks used unconsciously by many people threaten ear health seriously, “Earwax is a liquid secreted by sebaceous glands in the ear canal, which is known by the public, and ensures that the ear is moistened and protected from external factors. Contrary to what is known, the dirt formed in the ears provides the natural balance of the ear and prevents the formation of bacteria. Although the density and color of the dirt on everyone's ears are different, the use of headphones for a long time can increase the formation of dirt in the ear and prevent the natural dirt from being thrown out. The earwax is formed in the outer ear canal and generally away from the membrane. He noted that when you try to clean the dirt in your ear yourself at home, you can push it into the eardrum ”.

What are the risks associated with use in children?

If the dirt in the ear is big enough to cover the membrane or if the dirt is pushed into the membrane; Saying that it may cause hearing loss, fullness, feeling of stuffiness, ear pain and ringing, Seda Başkurt warned that parents should be more conscious about children. Başkurt said, "When you try to poke your child's ear with a cotton swab and clean it, especially in children, the outer ear canal is not as long as in adults, you may rupture the eardrum, cause inflammation and fungus formation," he said.

Ear cleaning should be done by experts

Stating that it is enough to dry your auricle and folds after showering, Audiologist Seda Başkurt; He recommended that interventions such as cotton swabs, ear wax, that damage the eardrum and disrupt the natural balance of the ear should be avoided. Providing information about ear cleaning procedures, Başkurt said, “Ear wax; In cases where the eardrum of patients using hearing aids is too large to be seen, it is cleaned by an ear, nose and throat doctor before taking an ear mold and performing a hearing test. Ear washing, one of the oldest methods, is not preferred by otolaryngologists today. With this method, pressurized water is given to the ear. However, as it will cause problems for individuals with a hole in the eardrum or sensitive individuals, it is performed with aspirators called vacuuming method. Ear cleaning is not a painful procedure. If you try to clean your ears with cotton pads at home, you may cause irreversible damage to your ear. Therefore, do not forget to have your ears cleaned only by an ear, nose and throat physician, ”he said.

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