Büyükçekmece Beach Will Become an Attraction Center

buyukcekmece beach will become a center of attraction
buyukcekmece beach will become a center of attraction

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, took care of Büyükçekmece, which has been neglected by the Metropolitan Municipality for 25 years. Examining the works carried out by the IMM on the coastline, where the people of the district have been complaining for many years, İmamoğlu pointed to the month of July for the first fruits of the project. İmamoğlu gave the good news: “Hopefully, in July, we will see the first data of the identity we want to create on the beaches here. Büyükçekmece, with its infrastructure and superstructure that has been neglected for years, will have a sparkling beach and promenade. Both the people of Büyükçekmece will win and it will become a center of attraction for people from nearby Çatalca to Esenyurt, from Beylikdüzü to Avcılar and even to Başakşehir.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Büyükçekmece – Beylikdüzü District Kordonboyu Arrangement Project 1st Stage closely examined the works. İmamoğlu, who made investigations along the coast, where the people of Büyükçekmece and summer cottages are the most concentrated, received information from the project managers. Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgün and İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu accompanied İmamoğlu on his visit.


Visiting the beach with the intense interest of the citizens, İmamoğlu made evaluations at the end of the tour. Stating that Büyükçekmece beach is a 30-year experience for him, İmamoğlu said, “We are in a very valuable area. Our Mayor, who has made very valuable investments in the past, is also here. But of course, as time passed, the needs grew, the population grew in the background ”he said.


Noting that he understood the desire and excitement of District Mayor Hasan Akgün for the project to be completed as soon as possible, İmamoğlu said, “Of course, when the hand of the Metropolitan Municipality has not touched for 25 years, he wants it to end immediately. "We are trying to get it together quickly," he said. İmamoğlu continued as follows:

“I got the statistics 30 years ago from now; In total, the population of Büyükçekmece, Esenyurt and Avcılar was 300 thousand. Currently, the total population of these districts is about 2 and a half million people. Therefore, you need to create a base that appeals to a population of 2 and a half million. At this point, we paid special attention to this area. Hasan Bey already had a design. From Bababurnu to Gürpınar Fish Market. There is a line of about 16 kilometers. The first stage of this is right in front of Büyükçekmece. We can even call it the first cord of this section. We have been continuing the infrastructure works for a long time in the part between the marina and the border of Gürpınar. İSKİ collected both clean water, waste water and rainwater lines here. "


Underlining that Istanbul's beaches should have an identity instead of being different from each other, İmamoğlu continued his assessment as follows:

“We will collect the recreation of approximately 1 thousand square meters, which we define as the 100st stage, as of July. It has been matured with a design that will preserve the innocence of this sea and allow people to meet the sea in the best way possible. Officials of our institution at every stage; Everything we will produce here, from project studies to science works, from İSKİ to İSTON, is also related to the identity that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will add to the beach in this period. In other words, we want to create a truly sparkling beach with a new identity. We are building an environment with a human-oriented approach, with an understanding that puts little or no obstacle between people and the sea, between people and the beach. "


Saying, “Hopefully, we will see the first data of that identity here in July,” said İmamoğlu and said, “We will attain the value it deserves with an aesthetic production here. It will have a sparkling beach and cordon, with its infrastructure and superstructure that have been neglected for years. Both Büyükçekmece will win the people and become a center of attraction for people from nearby Çatalca to Esenyurt, from Beylikdüzü to Avcılar and even to Başakşehir. I congratulate my friends. I would like to thank my President Hasan for his attention and interest in every detail. I hope we will come and talk here when it is over, ”he concluded.


Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgün also thanked him by stating that the Metropolitan Municipality remembers Büyükçekmece for the first time in a quarter of a century. Saying, “Metropolitan knows best that there is a district called Büyükçekmece District,” Akgün said:

"Dear Ekrem İmamoğlu Another thank you to my boss. For 7 years, there was the Çakmaklı – Büyükçekmece road. We used to reach Hadımköy Tolls with 11 kilometers, now we can reach it with 5 kilometers from Çakmaklı. We were blocked for seven years, they didn't, Ekrem İmamoğlu They did it 6 months after my president came. Finally, a 16-kilometer hiking, biking and sightseeing area for 16 million people of Istanbul from the area from Gürpınar Cape to Baba Cape; 1 million square meters of green space is created. On behalf of myself and my Büyükçekmece family, I would like to thank my President Ekrem.”

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