Big Çiğli Creek Coastal Regulation Project Started

Big cigli creek coastal landscaping project started
Big cigli creek coastal landscaping project started

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IZSU General Directorate has added a new one to the rehabilitation works within the scope of the "Swimmable Bay" target. With the “Büyük Çiğli Creek Coastal Arrangement Project” initiated in the Ataşehir neighborhood of Çiğli, spaces will be created for the inhabitants of the district to breathe.

İZSU is realizing its projects aimed at cleaning the Izmir Bay one by one. After the stream cleaning works carried out in different parts of the city, a comprehensive study was initiated in the Büyük Çiğli Creek in March. With the project to be implemented, visual pollution will be eliminated and the citizens will have a pleasant time in the region thanks to the green space created.

A clean, safe and modern living space

Within the scope of the Great Çiğli Coastal Arrangement Project carried out with an investment of 2 million 726 thousand liras in the Ataşehir district of Çiğli, the sludge layer accumulated on the stream floor will be cleaned and one more step will be taken in line with the "Swimmable Gulf" goal. In addition, a safe area will be created by manufacturing 835 meters long decorative railing around the stream.

With the ongoing project works, a modern and green living space will be built in parallel with the stream by providing a walking track and road lighting.

The works that will contribute to Çiğli gaining a more modern face will be completed by the end of the year.

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