What is a Boutique Hotel?


Boutique hotels, which have experienced a great flare especially recently, are in more demand than ever. However, in general, many people do not have a clear idea and sufficient knowledge about the qualities that boutique hotels should have.

For this reason, there is a crowded segment who are worried about making a boutique hotel reservation, hesitating that all expectations regarding the holiday may not be met. In order to minimize such concerns and hesitations, we prepared a comprehensive guide on boutique hotels by compiling questions such as what is a boutique hotel and what conditions must be met to become a boutique hotel. Hoping that you will like this guide where you can get detailed information about boutique hotels, we enter our article with the title What is Boutique Hotel.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Accommodation businesses that offer personalized service in a smaller area and with less accommodation units compared to high standard hotels are generally called Boutique Hotel.

According to the conditions determined by the Ministry of Tourism in Article 43, "At least ten personalized services are provided with a superior standard and high quality in terms of operation and service, which are unique in terms of structural features, architectural design, furnishing, decoration and materials used, experienced or trained in their fields. hotels with rooms are called Boutique Hotel. "

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What Conditions To Be A Boutique Hotel Must Carry

In addition to the above tariff, the ministry has determined the following criteria for the facilities that will fall into the Boutique Hotel category:

  • Furniture and materials with characteristics such as modern, reproductions, antiques, and furnishing and decoration,
  • Comfortable guest rooms with the qualities that are standard for five star accommodation units,
  • Having social areas such as reception, breakfast room, and lounge sized to suit the guest capacity,
  • A la carte restaurant and 24-hour room service,
  • Serving at least one newspaper selected by the guests to the rooms daily,
  • Air conditioning in public and common areas,
  • To be able to provide laundry and dry cleaning services,
  • Presence of a customer car park and a management room.

In summary, boutique hotels;

Accommodation facilities with at least 10 rooms, which are generally arranged in a home-like atmosphere, do not fail in service within the framework of hospitality, have their own style and design, are equipped with high standards, have professional staff, and provide the comfort of the guests in the social areas, serve as a boutique hotel if they meet the other conditions. right to give kazanrivers.

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