New Metro Station to Bursa!

new metro station to bursaya
new metro station to bursaya

There is no doubt… In urban rail system projects, location selection of stations very important. Because it is not easy to build a station later in the functioning system and to become involved with an underground station.

At this point…

Bursaray 'of Izmir Road to your line on currently being done the evaluation of the current station, Road and Transportation Specialist as we frequently consult Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl 'we wanted from.


“As Bursaray Stage A, flights from Küçük Sanayi on İzmir Road, from Organized Industry on Mudanya Road to Şehreküstü started on April 23, 2002. At that time, a distance of 2 meters was left as there were no settlements between Acemler and Nilüfer stations. "

He stressed:

“Today, when the Timsah Arena and Mihraplı Area are full, a new station was needed between the Acemler and Nilüfer stations. It is remarkable that this point has been reached in 20 years. "

Its architecture will be the most special station

Actually… Bursa'This is one of the proofs of how fast is growing. 20 years ago Bursaray While projecting is empty The area, where a station is not needed, is today the city's new favorite center.

That's why…

Novices-Nilüfer between stations, Suryapı-Marka Shopping Mall a new station is being built under the sponsorship of it.

The station whose construction is coming to an end, Mimari also with its appearance most different station it will be.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Olay Newspaper

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