Controlled Normalization Statement by Minister Koca after the Scientific Committee

post-science board minister-controlled normalization explanation
post-science board minister-controlled normalization explanation

📩 04/03/2021 11:38

Announcing that the risk map will be published every 15 days, Koca said, "The data will be shared at the weekend and the measures will be implemented at the beginning of the week at 15-day intervals in order to allow the Provincial Sanitation Committees to review their risk situations and take measures and share it with the public."

After the start of the new normalization process, the Scientific Committee held its first meeting. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca used the following statements in a written statement after the meeting;

We continue our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with our determination and effort on the first day. As of March 1, we have moved to a new stage in the control of the epidemic. On the basis of the principles announced by the President of the Republic of Turkey after the Cabinet meeting, the provinces will continue to fight against the measures of varying scope, taking into account their own risk levels.

The agenda of our today's Scientific Committee meeting was the controlled normalization process.

We would like to remind once again that social mobility, which will increase with the easing of restrictions in our low-risk provinces, does not mean loosening in measures and should not come. We are confident that our citizens do not perceive controlled steps on the way to normal life as compromising measures. By continuing to comply with the measures, we must take firm steps towards a planable and predictable future.

The virus is not out of our lives. However, the days when it will be released are near. It is also possible that mutant viruses are becoming more common and infectious. However, the measures are also valid and effective for mutation. Our high case numbers still pose a threat to our hope of getting our lives back to normal. However, we are in control and by following the precautions we can normalize.

We will reach the days we expect with hope by preventing the spread of the virus in our social mobility. We will make it permanent for our children to reach their schools, open the shutters of our shopkeepers, and our citizens over the age of 65 and under the age of 20, who have been the most self-sacrificing part of this struggle since the very beginning, without compromising the virus in the streets, public transportation vehicles, schools, cafes and restaurants, and the bazaar market. . It should not be forgotten that every uncontrolled step taken in such a period will take us two steps back.

Let's not forget that the health of each of us is entrusted to the other. The risk map of the provinces is of great importance in this period.

At this stage of our struggle, the color blue represents hope, perseverance and our determination in the fight against the virus. Each individual should not lose his sensitivity even for a moment in order to turn red, orange and yellow colors into blue and keep them in blue.

We will continue to publish the 7-day incidence of cases on a provincial basis on a weekly basis, and the risk map will be published every 15 days. Our provinces will follow the measures by reviewing their own situation according to the risk map. The data will be shared at the weekend and the measures will be implemented at the beginning of the week at 15-day intervals in order to allow the Provincial Sanitation Boards to review their risk situations and take measures and to share it with the public.

The controlled normalization period has actually begun. Let's not let go of the precaution while experiencing the comfort of this.

The results of the Phase 10 study of the inactive vaccine we use on more than 3 thousand people in our country have been announced. In this study, the effectiveness of the vaccine was calculated to be 19% with Covid 83,5 cases confirmed by PCR. The rate of preventing hospitalization was found to be 100%. I congratulate our scientists for their meticulous and delicate work. We started to feel the effect of the vaccine. We are pleased to see that the vaccination program has a noticeable effect on the steady course of our hospital burden and the reduction of the severity of the disease.

Our vaccination processes continue to be carried out within the plan we have determined with the suggestions of our scientific committee. In parallel with the vaccine procurement process, our citizens will continue to be vaccinated in a programmed manner. With our vaccination strategy and choices, we are among the countries that have been carrying out the process at the global level in the most successful way. Thanks to the support and interest of our citizens in our fight against the virus, we will cooperate to maintain this positive course we live in.

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