Benliahmet Train Station and the Story of Pines

the story of benliahmet train station and windows
the story of benliahmet train station and windows

Benliahmet Train Station, known as the oasis in the middle of the steppe, is a train station located in the village of Benliahmet in the Selim district of Kars. Surrounded by pine trees, the Station mainly serves freight trains.

Benliahmet Train Station was built in 1913 by the Transcaucasian Railway. After the Turkish War of Independence, after the administration of Kars in Turkey was replaced with standard rail line opening in 1962.

Thousands of pine saplings were planted by TCDD in 1969 around some railways and train stations in Eastern Anatolia in order to prevent heavy snowfall from adversely affecting the rails. Pine trees in Benliahmet Station were planted by the station attendant Bayram Karahan after this decision was taken. With the work carried out by those working at the station, nearly 82 thousand pine saplings were planted on 20 decares of land. Pine trees, which were preserved and brought to this day, offer different beauties in every season.

Pine trees, which have been preserved since that date, are now presenting a visual feast at train stations. The pines at the station in question, where a natural protection wall is aimed by greening both sides of the train track, draws attention with their appearance arranged in line on the rail sides. The station, which becomes a popular destination on weekends, offers visual beauty in the plain that turns white in winter.

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