Balıklıgöl Plateau is being functionalized under the leadership of the Governorship

Balikligol plateau is being operated in the pre-governorship
Balikligol plateau is being operated in the pre-governorship

Taking action to functionalize the idle areas on the Dergah-Balıklıgöl plateau, the heart of Şanlıurfa tourism, Alfa Havacılık A.Ş. and Şanlıurfa Province Culture, Education, Art and Research Foundation (ŞURKAV) signed a protocol.

In this context, Alfa Aviation Board Chairman Mehmet Fatih Pakır thanked Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erim, who called for his support by reminding those living outside of Urfa that he is from Urfa.

The protocol signing ceremony, in which Şanlıurfa Governor and ŞURKAV President Abdullah Erin, Deputy Governor İsmail Çetinkaya, Alfa Aviation Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Fatih Pakır and ŞURKAV Board Members were present, was held in the governor's meeting hall. Following the signing, Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erin thanked Pakır for his sensitivity.

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Mehmet Fatih Pakır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfa Aviation, said, “I am extremely happy that such a selfless statesman is successfully running the governorship of the province in the land where I was born. Therefore, Syn. I would like to express my gratitude to our governor here. In addition, our governor to our Urfa kazanOn behalf of myself and our Şanlıurfa, I would like to thank our Presidency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their efforts. I believe that these supports are very important for the protection of our cultural values. In this sense, together with our governor, who helped us to support by channeling us towards this service, we have signed one of the biggest supports to date. It is extremely valuable to carry out the re-functioning of our cultural heritage not only in Şanlıurfa, but also in all other provinces. In this sense, we took the first step in Şanlıurfa. I hope that this support we have made will be an important step in terms of awareness in all of Turkey.”

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