Ankara Istanbul New High Speed ​​Train Route Discussed at ATO

ankara istanbul new high speed train route was discussed in ato
ankara istanbul new high speed train route was discussed in ato

The second of the "Common Mind Meetings for the Future of Ankara" organized under the coordination of the Ankara City Council (AKK) in order to carry out lobbying activities regarding the production and implementation of visionary ideas to move Ankara forward in every field from trade to industry, from tourism to transportation, Ankara Chamber of Commerce. (ATO) in ATO Duatepe Service Building.

The meeting started with the opening speech of Gürsel Baran, Chairman of the Board of ATO, Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) Chairman Nurettin Özdebir and Vice Chairman Seyit Ardıç, Ankara Commodity Exchange (ATB) Chairman Faik Yavuz, Capital Ankara Council (BAM) Chairman Nevzat Ceylan and Vice President Adem Can, Ankara City Council (AKK) Executive Board President and ATO Vice President Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Ankara Club Association President Dr. Metin Özaslan, President of Ankara Çorum Associations Federation Hayri Çağır, Vice President of Ankara City Council (AKK) Executive Board Prof. Dr. Savaş Zafer Şahin, AKK Executive Board Members Ceren Anadol and Süleyman Basa attended.

At the meeting where the Ankara-Istanbul New Generation High Speed ​​Train Project, the completion of the fair area, the opening of Anka Park, the establishment of the Health Valley, the organization of the Ankara Ahi Republic Panel, ATO President Baran, expressed that he needed a lobby. Baran said, “Maybe none of us are from Ankara here, but we spent our life here and we became more Ankara citizens than Ankara people. We are in an opportunity, a union that Ankara has not caught in a long time. The number of those who worry about Ankara and worry about Ankara's future is increasing. I think this meeting will be a great blessing. With this move, we will make a great effort for Ankara to reach the place it deserves, ”he said.


Nevzat Ceylan, the Chairman of the Capital Ankara Assembly, started his speech by saying, “We have both our troubles and our party, Ankara”, and gave information about the history of train projects in the capital from the 1940s to the present and the new projects planned for the future. Noting that the Ayaş railway project, the foundation of which was laid in the 1940s, could not be completed after 75 percent was completed, Ceylan said that it is necessary to act with a common sense of how the project can be completed and evaluated. Stating that 1 million tons of Trona mineral is transported annually from Beypazarı in the region, Ceylan said that the railway can be completed and used for transportation to Trona or as a suburban line to Ankara, Yenikent, Ayaş, Beypazarı, Nallıhan, Göynük. He said that if the new generation high-speed train line to be built passes over Bolu-Düzce instead of connecting to Sakarya via Ankara, Ayaş, Güdül, Beypazarı, Nallıhan, Mudurnu or Göynük as suggested, it will extend the route and the distance and increase the costs. Ceylan said, “We are talking about a train line that will carry 16 million people in total, with a population of 6 million Istanbul and 22 million Ankara. This project is not only the specified routes pass through Turkey because of Ankara's concerns in this project is a vision, "he said.


Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Deputy Chairman of the Board of ATO and Chairman of the Executive Board of AKK, said in his speech, “When we say 'Anatolia's Gate to the World' for Ankara, our concern was to carry the products of all Anatolia to the world through Ankara. For this purpose, we cannot do the entire logistics with airplanes, of course we will do it with trains. "If we are going to make all the beauties of Anatolia the subject of export, we need to prepare the railway project that will reach Europe from Istanbul."

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to discuss the prepared report with the relevant institutions and organizations by researching the operability and implementation methods of the route determined.

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