AstraZeneca Donated 80 Thousand Saplings for the Forest of Hope

Astrazeneca donated a thousand saplings for the forest of hope
Astrazeneca donated a thousand saplings for the forest of hope

AstraZeneca Turkey, Zero Carbon bulunarak Team work with five different cities in a total of 80 thousand saplings donated AstraZeneca took the first steps for Hope Forest.

AstraZeneca continues its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its global operations to zero by 2025 and to make the entire supply chain carbon negative by 2030 with its 'Ambition Zero Carbon' strategy. The first trees began by sewing in Australia in February 2020 of 50 million woodland reforestation project, AstraZeneca Turkey, Eskisehir with created Zero Carbon Team's work, Gaziantep, Hatay, Izmir and Kocaeli bulunarak wooded area to a total of 80 thousand seedlings donation in town for AstraZeneca Hope Forest took the first steps.

Turkey Country President of AstraZeneca Pharm. Serkan Peace, "we have to forested areas in five provinces of our country with the support of 80 thousand seedlings donated seedlings in Turkey we found about 100 thousand saplings along with those in previous years. I wish these saplings to breathe healthy future generations, our children, our country and our planet. AstraZeneca Turkey as we create our own structure, one of the work of our Zero Carbon team would like to thank them for this initiative. It is possible to neutralize the negative effects by taking such meaningful steps. " said.

'Zero Carbon Commitment' strategy

With its 'Zero Carbon Commitment' strategy, AstraZeneca aims to double its renewable energy generation by accelerating its current targets within the scope of combating climate change and sustainability. The agency will use renewable energy sources for both electricity and heat consumption to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025. AstraZeneca formed in Turkey in line with this strategy continues to work with Zero Carbon Working Group.

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