Arkas Logistics Adds 40 New Ford Trucks F-MAX to Its Fleet

arkas logistics adds new ford trucks f max to its fleet
arkas logistics adds new ford trucks f max to its fleet

📩 03/03/2021 15:54

Arkas Logistics continues its fleet investments and continues its cooperation with Ford Otosan's heavy commercial brand, Ford Trucks. Arkas Logistics continues to rejuvenate its fleet and reduce carbon emissions by investing 40 more Ford Trucks F-MAX trucks with the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award. rose to.

Arkas Logistics's investments to strengthen, rejuvenate its fleet and increase its efficiency do not slow down this year, adding 35 Ford Trucks F-MAX to its fleet with an investment of TL 40 million.

Considering that caused the rate of 91,5% of the carbon emissions of road transport in Turkey is of great importance in terms of promoting the use of environmentally friendly technologies in the logistics sector sustainability. Arkas Logistics, which provides complete logistics services with sea, land, air and rail transportation services as well as storage, distribution, special project transportation, takes into consideration sustainability in all its business processes and especially with the responsibility of having a large land transportation fleet. While keeping its fleet young and strong by renewing its vehicles every year, it prefers vehicles that comply with the environmental requirements of the sustainable world.

Arkas Logistics General Manager Serhat Kurtuluş said, “Under pandemic conditions; The definition and function of the “complete logistics” service we offer was clearly seen. On the other hand, the necessity of green logistics, which has been on our agenda for many years, was underlined again. As Bizim Arkas Logistics, our main strategy in the new period is to provide fast solutions to our customers by expanding the contactless service model with digital solutions in line with current conditions. In this way, we continue to invest in expanding our existing services and taking advantage of opportunities in new business areas.

We expand our targets with our self-owned land fleet that we travel 30.500.000 km annually on the highway; we are increasing the service quality. With our self-owned land fleet, expert business partners and employees, we continue to be the power behind logistics and create value for our economy. At this point, we have a long-term cooperation based on trust with Ford Trucks, which we call our business partners. Fully developed by Turkish engineers and manufactured çekicilerib is pleased to once again joined our fleet in Turkey. We are very satisfied with our Ford Trucks trucks in our fleet in terms of performance, fuel consumption and technological equipment as well as cost of ownership. " said.

With the new investment, Arkas Logistics' rate of vehicles with an environmentally friendly Euro 6 engine also increased to 50%. Ford Trucks tow trucks with Euro 6 norm reduce carbon emissions by saving fuel. The fuel consumption of new vehicles will provide an improvement of 5% per liter per kilometer. With 40 vehicles, it is anticipated to travel 240.000 km per month. Arkas Logistics will save 117 thousand liters of fuel per year.

Arkas logistics industry's leading brands, indicating that they were happy to be away from Lojistik'l to enlarge their cooperation with Turkey Director John Ford Trucks Hoşgören is said:

“As Ford Trucks, our cooperation with Arkas Logistics, which has been going on for years, is growing stronger. We have long years of trust-based and deep-rooted relationships in both sales and after-sales services and services. Last year, we opened a new page in this collaboration with our internationally awarded tractor F-MAX. We are now delivering 40 more F-MAXs to Arkas Logistics, increasing the total number of Ford Trucks branded vehicles we have delivered at Arkas Logistics to 175. The increase in the number of Ford Trucks vehicles in Arkas Logistics' vehicle park shows that our cooperation is growing stronger. Domestically and abroad, high-demand Fi-MAX 500 PS has power, low fuel consumption with striking high-performance engines and Arkas with advanced technological equipment Logistics greater efficiency and contribution will provide in inanıyoruz.2020 in its segment in Turkey most The F-MAX, the preferred tractor model, provides 6% improvement over previous models with superior aerodynamics, excellent performance in terms of transmission system calibration and fuel consumption. In addition, with the F-MAX's Connec Truck application, fleet owners can see where, when, what they are doing, what route they are on the map, and can access all current and historical vehicle information. F-MAX will meet the necessary needs of Arkas Logistics captains with its spacious and comfortable cabin, as well as reducing maintenance costs and lowering the cost of ownership. We would like to thank Arkas Logistics for their trust in us and our brand. "

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