Panoramic Elevators Are In Service After Comprehensive Maintenance In Konyaaltı, Antalya

Panoramic elevators in Antalya Konyaaltin are in service after comprehensive maintenance
Panoramic elevators in Antalya Konyaaltin are in service after comprehensive maintenance

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality carried out heavy maintenance and revision work on two panoramic elevators located in Konyaaltı Beach Park. The elevators, which frequently break down due to project errors, were renewed from beginning to end. First of all, the 40-meter elevator that provides access to the Beach Park from within the Atatürk Culture Park was put into service. In the coming days, a 15-meter elevator will be put into service.

The Metropolitan Municipality carried out a comprehensive renovation work on two elevators built within the scope of the Konyaaltı Beach Project but frequently malfunctioned due to project errors. The elevators have been renewed and made safe by the Department of Maintenance and Repair Department of the Department of Science, in accordance with the current regulation published by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The 40-meter panoramic elevator, which is used extensively by the citizens who get off from Atatürk Culture Park, started to serve in Beach Park. A 15-meter elevator next to the Open Air Theater will also be put into service in the upcoming days.


Within the scope of heavy maintenance and revision works, in panoramic elevators with a cruising distance of 15 and 40 meters, while in-cabin revision was carried out, the brake systems were changed. Since the existing motor is not suitable for heavy use, a new 16kW motor was installed. New ropes compatible with cabin and engine were drawn. The control panel, which malfunctioned due to exposure to sun and heat, was renewed. Balance weight chains that were not in the project were installed.

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