4 Different Working Hours Implemented in Ankara

Different working hours were implemented in Ankara
Different working hours were implemented in Ankara

The Governorship of Ankara shared the working hours of the institutions during the controlled normalization period. According to this; 08.30 different working hours will be applied in the province, namely 17.30-09.00, 18.00-10.00, 19.00-4.

In the statement made by the governorship; “Our Ministry sent a circular on Working Hours of Workplaces to 81 provincial governorships. In the circular, it was reminded that within the scope of the measures taken to reduce the spread rate of the virus to combat the coronavirus epidemic, restrictions were imposed on the opening and closing hours of some workplaces with the circulars previously sent to the governorships.

In the Cabinet, which convened under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 1, 2021, due to the decrease in the number of cases in the circular and the slowdown in the course of the epidemic; It was stated that the basic procedures and principles regarding the controlled normalization process were determined by the decision to gradually stretch the measures and rules applied according to the risk group of the provinces.

In this context, according to the criteria determined by the Ministry of Health, provinces are divided into 4 different risk groups (low, medium, high, very high) and the level of measures in combating the epidemic is determined, and the measures to be applied in each risk group are shared with the public. in provinces, restaurants, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries, dessert shops and so on. It was stated that the opportunity to work between 07.00:19.00 and 50:XNUMX with XNUMX% capacity to provide service to its customers in the workplace was provided for food and beverage places such as eating and drinking places such as coffee houses and tea gardens.

In the circular, the opening and closing hours of the workplaces (grocery store, market, greengrocer, butcher, barber, hairdresser and beauty salon, tailor, shoe shop, etc.) It was stated that it was determined between the hours.

In line with the principles specified by the governors and district governors, the decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards will be taken urgently in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Health Law. " expressions were used

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