Akkuyu NGS Fire Training Simulator Will Be Implemented By Meteksan

akkuyu ngs fire training simulator will be implemented by meteksan
akkuyu ngs fire training simulator will be implemented by meteksan

Meteksan Defense awarded the tender for the training simulator complex of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), Turkey's first nuclear power plant project. kazanwas.

The Fire Training Simulator, which will be included in the Akkuyu NGS training simulator complex, will be developed in order to provide firefighting methods, skills to use this purpose equipment, as well as training firefighters in harsh conditions and environments. The container-based system to be installed will consist of command and control facilities, burning spaces, ventilation and temperature monitoring, gas detection and extinguishing infrastructure. Simulation of vehicle fires will be made in the simulator, as well as burning places where possible fires can occur in daily life such as living quarters, electrical panels, and cable ducts.

Basic features of Akkuyu NGS training simulator facility;

  • Realistic modeling of the environment and conditions that will occur at the time of fire,
  • Training of fire service personnel without causing environmental pollution, taking into consideration the work safety,
  • Rescue of people in areas affected by smoke, under harsh conditions and exposed to fire,
  • Application of coordination, the most efficient techniques and response tools during firefighting and rescue training in an environment that is not suitable for respiration,
  • Developing skills, knowledge and practical skills in the use of fire-fighting clothing, equipment and other equipment to be used,
  • Command / control, continuous monitoring and recording of the training process by the operator.

Akkuyu NPP Turkish company projects to the maximum extent thanks to the vision envisages the participation resulting from this project, which Meteksan achieved in Defense defense industry capabilities and experiences, civil sector to convey Turkey's first nuclear power plant project had the chance to take part in a critical issue . It is also aimed to move this cooperation to new areas in the coming period.

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