Children's Products are Safe with Product Safety Law

With the product safety law, children's products are safe
With the product safety law, children's products are safe

The Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law, which entered into force on March 12, 2021, aims to impose sanctions on inappropriate and unreliable product sales in the e-commerce channel.

The online sales of products used by children, who make up the vulnerable consumer group, are also controlled by the Ministry of Commerce within the scope of this law. Babies and children who are taken care of their healthy growth; It is of great importance that products that have a great impact on their motor, mental, emotional and social development are reliable and healthy. Stating that parents who make the decision to purchase baby and child products should be extremely careful, Tunç Karaaslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Electronics and BAGIDER (Association of Baby Car Equipment Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers), points out that products that do not comply with the relevant procedures should not be preferred.

Baby and child products, which are of great importance for the safe upbringing of babies and children, started to be audited on online channels by the Ministry of Commerce as of March 12, 2021, within the scope of the Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law. While many products from baby electronics to toys are subjected to this inspection, parents who are sensitive to their children should be extremely careful when purchasing products online. Baby Turkey brought to the electronics industry Weewell and under Bondigo the roof offers educational toy for 0-3 years hosting the National Electronics Chairman Bronze Karaaslan, warns parents about the choice of products that affect children's development.

Parents are conscious of choosing safe products from the internet

Baby and children's products; As it may involve some risks in chemical, hygienic, flammability, physical and mechanical categories, it is now audited on the e-commerce channel under the Law on Product Safety and Technical Regulations. In order not to be exposed to all these risks, parents should take care to choose reliable products that follow certain procedures for online shopping. Tunç Karaaslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Electronics, stated that the products bearing these risks may be subject to major sanctions such as banning and withdrawing them before they reach parents and children. Tunç Karaaslan states that products found to be unsafe can be tracked by parents on GÜBİS (Unsafe Product Information System), a common Market Surveillance and Inspection platform.

Safe and educational toy selection in child development

Parents need to be careful in choosing toys that they order for their children online. According to the regulation published by the Ministry of Trade, there are some criteria for evaluating whether a product is a toy or not. Among these criteria; game value, packaging presentation, intended use, anticipated use, dimensions, place of sale, sales price, markings and details. Offering educational toys for 0-3 year olds, Bondigo meets all these criteria with the toys it produces and at the same time contributes to the safe development of babies and children who are extremely sensitive in terms of health.

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