What Are Allergy Friendly Flowers?

they will be fresh
they will be fresh

There are more than one type of flower that takes its place in your life with its pleasant scent and stylish appearance. These flowers, which grow easily especially at home and in the garden environment, may bring some problems. Coexistence with the types of flowers that cause allergies can harm some people. At such moments, many people want to learn the flowers that they can grow and buy in their environment, taking into account their allergy condition.

Fresh plant and many of the flowers can cause allergic reactions at certain periods. You can see that the flowers cause allergic problems especially in the pollen coming in the spring period.

Various allergens in flowers and plants can cause sensitivity and decrease your quality of life. Many people complain of the pollen and spring allergies that come with the spring season. In addition, some types of flowers easily adapt to everyone with their allergy-friendly structure.

If you are wondering which allergy friendly flowers are, here is the answer;


Pansy is the head of the flowers, which are reminiscent of spring with their color and unique texture. You can enjoy the appearance of this non-allergenic flower by hosting it at home, at work and in your garden. You can find the most suitable option for your garden among pansies with a wide range of colors.


Bougainvillea, which is the subject of songs with its name, draws attention with its ivy structure reflecting the Mediterranean and Aegean styles. Bougainvillea, which has an allergy-friendly feature, appears as a species that does not tire you at all with its colorful appearance and easy care. You can get help from the ivy structure of the bougainvilleas to add vitality to the outdoors.


The tulips that herald spring are among the species that do not cause any allergic problems. You can host tulips, which attract attention with their low pollen count, in your garden. In general, direct contact with this flower, which does not cause allergies, may not be right for allergy sufferers.


Begonias, which take their place in mind with their unique appearance and pure whiteness, are among allergy-friendly flowers. You can get help from begonias to add a glamorous and stylish touch to your garden. With multiple different begonia colors, you can get a wonderful look by bringing the spring to your garden.

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