We Will Build Samsun Sarp Railway

We will build the samsun steep railroad
We will build the samsun steep railroad

Stating that the Black Sea needs a railway, Numan Kurtulmuş, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman, promised for the railway in 2015 but did not fulfill it, said Atila Şahin, CHP Army Provincial Chairman, “I am calling out to our fellow townsmen and I will be a follower of the Samsun-Sarp high-speed train project and for the realization of this project. I will do my best. I promise." said.

Holding a press conference in the CHP provincial building, CHP Ordu Provincial Chairman Şahin said: “For many years, road transportation has always been at the forefront in our country. In the first years of the Republic, attention was paid to the establishment of railway networks, especially in the section until the multi-party era. However, after the 1960s, for some reason, those who ruled the country gave more importance to road transport. At the point we have reached, it is accepted by everyone that the construction and operating costs of railway and sea transportation are more economical than road transportation.


The cost of railway transportation is realized under decreasing cost conditions since it is made. In road transport, costs are constantly increasing. The highway is very expensive both with its construction and repairs. And it has been found to be very fast wearing. However, there is a completely opposite situation in railway transportation. Once done, repair costs are very low. For this reason, it has been accepted by scientists that the decreasing cost system works.


Again, in terms of transportation costs, rail transport is much cheaper than road transport. It has been proven by these numbers. For example, road transportation cost is 4 TL per person, while the cost of rail transportation is 2.5 TL. In other words, the cheapest, beautiful and fastest transportation logistics network is the railway. Railway is the most economical and fastest type of transportation in terms of both passenger and freight transportation in our region.


Hazelnut is a product of the Black Sea Region extending from Samsun to Trabzon. This product is transported by rail in the fastest way and with the lowest costs. I remember many years ago, mostly sea transport was used. Both the railroad and the seaway are much more economical. As a result, when we look at what scientists say, it is obvious that rail transport is much cheaper than road transport.


So what has the current government done with the railway? Especially in 2015, just before the June elections, the deputy candidate of the time, Numan Kurtulmuş, the deputy of the Army at that time, announced 5 big projects for our region. One of these 5 mega projects was Samsun-Sarp High Speed ​​Train. They also stated in their statements that this project will come into effect within 5 years. Well, it's over in 2020 and we are in 2021. We did research Is the Samsun-Sarp high-speed rail project at least as a project? Unfortunately, there is no such project in our research.


I think this project has turned into a project that continues from Samsun through Sivas, Erzincan and Trabzon. I call out once again from here, Ordu and Giresun remain and continue to be the two squeezed provinces. I am telling all our fellow countrymen from here, I ask. I say please ask the deputies of both Ordu and Giresun in our region, since you had such a project, what have you done so far with this project, what do you plan to do next. Choose your preferences in the upcoming elections according to the answer you received.


I call out to our esteemed citizens from here, I promise that I will follow the Samsun-Sarp high-speed train project and I will do my best for the realization of this project. (Source: Ordu Olay / Hasan Cem Özel)

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  1. Just as it is wrong to make FDI from Erzincan to Trabzon, it is also wrong to build a railway from Samsun to Sarp. It can be made in YHT standard from coast to railway from Samsun to Ordu. Because there is a serious geographical obstacle after the army. The most suitable solution is to provide seaway and road connection with a railway station integrated with seaway. The railway that is required for the black sea is a conventional railway that will come from the ascension to Trabzon. This is the shortest transit road of South Asia and Northern Europe, the tirebolu trabzon and rize are in the middle of this line.

  2. If Trabzon residents want an alternative connection to Istanbul, this is SEA, not a direct railway.