Virtual Gift Period Begins at Weddings!

Virtual gift period begins on weddings
Virtual gift period begins on weddings

With its virtual gift types called Bijeton, BiPara and BiKart, it brings all special day gifts, especially weddings, to the digital environment.

Turkey as well as all over the world struggle continues with the coronavirus outbreak. While the measures for "controlled social life" continue to be taken, the countdown for the wedding season started with the approach of spring. With the impact of the pandemic process, marriages, which decreased by 2020% in 10,1 compared to the previous year, are expected to increase again with the latest decisions. According to the decisions announced at the beginning of March, weddings in the form of weddings and ceremonies can be organized with the participation of a maximum of 100 people in low and medium risk provinces and 50 people in high and high risk areas. In weddings that are limited to 1 hour, it is mandatory to allocate at least 8 square meters per person. While this situation decreases the participation rate in weddings, it also pushes those who want to give gifts even if they do not attend the wedding to seek alternative solutions. Many ways are being tried, such as sending wreaths, transferring money to the wedding owner's bank account, or delivering the gift through acquaintances. The solution came from, founded by entrepreneur Aytunç Alanç, who entered the world house during the pandemic process and turned the problems he experienced into a business idea. With its virtual gift types called Bijeton, BiPara and BiKart, it brings all special day gifts, especially weddings, to the digital environment.

Inspired by her own wedding!

Sharing details about the starting point of the project, Aytunç Alanç said, “When we married my wife, we witnessed that most of those who could not attend our wedding sent wreaths, some of them tried to send the gold they bought through their relatives attending the wedding, and some asked for an account number and offered to deposit as much money as the gold they would give as a gift. At this point, I saw that this is not only ours, but the bleeding wound of a huge industry. Born in this way, enables people to create memories for their loved ones, or even make their gift more valuable by adding BiPara if they wish. While it enables them to create virtual gift cards to use in online shopping with BiKart, it also enables them to gift virtual money with BiPara. Gift owners, on the other hand, can view their balances in the account they open on the platform and send their BiPara to their bank account by providing their own IBAN information ”.

It aims to give crypto coins as a gift

Saying that they want to adapt the system they developed as to the crypto money ecosystem, Aytunç Alanç said, "For those who want to buy gifts for their loved ones on special days with the tokens, virtual money and virtual gift cards we have created, but are looking for ways to deliver the gift itself or its financial value because they cannot get together physically, it is both easy and convenient. We have created an elegant alternative. Our long-term goal is to include cryptocurrencies in the system. Thus, it is increasingly important kazanTo ensure that cryptocurrencies, which are used in every moment and in many fields, are also given as gifts.”

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