Turkish students with Akkuyu on Turkey's First Nuclear Power Plant Prepares to Work

Turkish students are getting ready to work turkiyenin the first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu
Turkish students are getting ready to work turkiyenin the first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu

Turkish students to study in Turkey's first nuclear power plant, nuclear power plants: operating, engineering and project planning are preparing to become experts in the field. The groundbreaking ceremony of the 3rd energy block belonging to the project jointly realized with the Russian Federation was held on March 10 with the participation of the presidents of the two countries.

Nurberk Sungur, as a specialist in the future, to be employed in the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, in St. One of the students sent to education at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). So far, more than 180 students from Turkey, Akkuyu, he completed his training under the expert training program for nuclear power plants. The educational process of the program is carried out by the National University of Nuclear Research (MIFI) and the Energy Institute.

Nurberk Sungur “Education is not easy. We know all the responsibilities on us and we are preparing to apply all the knowledge we have gained from our education at the Polytechnic University. " said. Nurberk succeeded in becoming one of a hundred students who received scholarships in 2020 under a special scholarship program called "Marie Skłodowska-Curie" provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Nurberk said, “I was born on November 7, just like Marie Skłodowska Curie. It means a lot ”he smiled. First, successfully completing a challenging application process in Turkey have come to Russia, and then learned Russian; Finally, he went to Milan Polytechnic University in Italy, where SpbPU has an agreement with the student exchange program, and studied in the field of nuclear energy for a period.

This power plant, with four power units and a total installed capacity of 4800 MW, will produce electricity in the future that can meet the energy needs of a mega city like Istanbul, where more than 15 million people live.

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