Shops at Ankara Metro and Ankaray Stations will be leased for 10 Years

Tender announcement ankara metro and shops in ankaray stations will be rented
Tender announcement ankara metro and shops in ankaray stations will be rented

With the tender announcement, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that it will lease the workplaces and shops located in the Metro and Ankaray stations.

Among the rental real estate advertisements of public institutions, the announcement published by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality was also included. With an announcement, the mayor's office announced that 10 workplaces in various areas of the metro and Ankaray stations will be leased.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, on 08.04.2021, at 14.00:2886 on Thursday, at 35:36 on Thursday, paragraph (a) of Article 37 of the State Tender Law, according to the closed bidding procedure, 38th, 39th, 40th, 10th and According to the provisions of Article XNUMX and other relevant articles of the same law, it can be leased for XNUMX (ten) years.
The tender of the work will be made.

Tender specification of the work in question; For a price of 150,00 TL, Emniyet Mah. Hipodrom Cad. 2nd Floor No: 5 A
Support Services Department Tender and Control Branch at Blok Yenimahalle / ANKARA
It can be obtained from the directorate. Bidders are required to obtain tender specifications. Offers more than one property
If it is given, it will be sufficient to obtain 1 (one) tender specification.

The tender was held on 08.04.2021 at 14.00:2 on Thursday at Emniyet Mah. Hipodrom Cad. 5. Floor No: XNUMX B Block
2886 in the meeting hall in the presence of the Administrative Committee of the General Directorate of EGO at Yenimahalle / ANKARA
In accordance with Article 35 / a of the State Tender Law No.
will be made according to the provisions. Bidders; the outer envelopes together with the documents specified in the specification.
General Directorate of EGO until 08.04.2021 on Thursday on 14.00.
To be submitted to the Council (Tender Commission), Emniyet Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: 5 A Block Ground floor
Tender No.1 for the Acceptance of Tender Documents at the General Documentation Desks of the General Directorate of EGO.
He will give the documents from the counter specified as the Acceptance Desk against the receipt document with the order number. Offers,
can be sent in the form of a registered letter with return receipt to be raised until the date and time specified above. But
Delays in postal and offers to be made by telegram cannot be accepted. The given offer letter cannot be withdrawn. Tender
Bids that do not comply with the specification or that contain conditions other than the terms of the specification are invalid.

The immovables specified in the table will be tendered separately, and for each immovable, the order number specified in the list
Accordingly, 1 (one) annual bid price excluding VAT will be given. On the inner envelope and outer envelope of the proposal
sequence number and name will be written. Bidders will be able to bid for more than one immovable property.
If more than one bid is submitted for the immovables to be tendered, the bids are prepared separately and submitted with their documents.
will be put together separately in outer envelopes. Bidders who will bid on the subject of the tender specification
They can view it at the address specified in the list.

shops at metro stations in Ankara will be rented for years

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