The Most Expensive Flight Ticket of 2020 Announced: One Way 15.034,68 TL

The most expensive flight ticket was announced one way TL
The most expensive flight ticket was announced one way TL

Analyzing 2020 flight data, announced that the most expensive flight tickets were purchased in July, August, November and December.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that has affected the whole world for more than a year, restrictions were imposed on international and domestic travel in March 2020; Flight restrictions were gradually lifted since June. According to the 2020 Travel Report prepared by, the online flight ticket and bus ticket platform, the months of March, April and May, when flight restrictions were high, were the cheapest time for airline tickets to be registered. The most expensive flight tickets of 2020 were purchased in July, August, November and December. The most expensive one-way ticket found buyers for 1.244,99 TL for the Istanbul-Bodrum flight on domestic flights and 15.034,68 TL on the Istanbul-Shanghai line for international flights.

The cheapest one-way flight ticket was 53,99 TL

According to the data shared by, the cheapest one-way ticket of 2020 was sold domestically on the Ankara-Antalya line for 53,99 TL. The Izmir-Adana ticket, which was sold for 121,98 TL, became the cheapest round-trip ticket last year. The Istanbul-Izmir flight, which was sold for 1.884,54 TL, became the most expensive return ticket. The cheapest one-way ticket sold to an overseas destination was purchased for 78,43 TL for the Antalya-Vienna flight. The Istanbul-Prishtina ticket, which was sold for 581,28 TL, was recorded as the cheapest international round trip ticket. The most expensive round trip ticket of 2020 was sold on the Hermosillo (Mexico) - Istanbul line for 13.867,37 TL.

nor could remain separate from the brotherly country of Turkey nor pupil

Despite what the pupil from Izmir, Turkey pandemic, nor could remain separate from the brother country Azerbaijan. While Izmir - Istanbul was the line with the most trips in the country, Istanbul - Baku took the first place abroad. Students also turned their route to Azerbaijan in 2020. With the impact of travel restrictions, Paris ranked first in this list, where European and Balkan cities ranked high in 2019 and before, followed by Baku, followed by London and Munich. The most popular destinations for students in 2020 were Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, respectively. While it is observed that the cities where couples and families with children fly to the country the most are the same as the students, the choice of couples in international travels was Amsterdam in 2019 as in 2020. It was followed by the cities of Düsseldorf and Tashkent.

"Initiation of vaccination increased mobility"'s report also focused on the routes of passengers over the age of 65 who require a travel permit. In 2020, passengers over the age of 65 traveled mostly to Istanbul, Izmir and Trabzon domestically and to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Cologne cities abroad. General Manager Dr. Kadir Kırmızı said, “With the start of vaccination, the reservation activity in the first 2021 months of 2021 makes us hopeful. We anticipate that the demand for flights will increase with the approaching holiday season ”. Dr. Kadir Kırmızı also stated that with the "Unconditional Ticket Cancellation" additional service they developed, travel plans could be secured against possible changes.

Russia and Ukraine become favorite coastlines

Izmir - Istanbul line, which is the most traveled country in the country, took the first place in 2019 as in 2020. This list was followed by the lines Istanbul - Antalya and Istanbul - Adana, Istanbul - Trabzon and Istanbul - Ankara, respectively. Istanbul - Baku, which did not rank first among the routes with the most trips abroad for 4 years, was followed by Istanbul - Tashkent, Kiev - Antalya, Istanbul - Tehran, Istanbul - Moscow and Istanbul - London.

Pegasus preferred for domestic flights and Turkish Airlines preferred abroad

Pegasus was preferred with 36 percent of domestic lines, followed by Anadolu Jet and Turkish Airlines. On international routes, Turkish Airlines became the most preferred airline with a rate of 41 percent, followed by SunExpress and Pegasus.

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