Signatures Signed for the Ganita-Faroz Project, which will reconcile the people of Trabzon with the Sea

Signatures Signed for the Ganita-Faroz Project, which will reconcile the people of Trabzon with the Sea
Signatures Signed for the Ganita-Faroz Project, which will reconcile the people of Trabzon with the Sea

A contract signing ceremony was held for the Ganita-Faroz Beach Band Arrangement Urban Design Project, which is among the vision projects of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and aims to reconcile the citizens of Trabzon with the sea. Stating that the project has a contract value of 47,5 million lira, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said, "When the Ganita-Faroz Project is completed, it will be the most beautiful beach arrangement not only in Trabzon, but in the region."

We won the tender for the Ganita-Faroz Coastline Arrangement Urban Design Project, which has aroused excitement since the first moment Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu announced and will change the face of the city. kazanAn agreement was signed between Zigana Landscape Engineering Consultancy and Organization Services and the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, General Secretary Ahmet Adanur, Zigana Landscape Engineering Consulting and Organization Services Chairman Neşet Reis, heads of departments, company officials and many press members attended the signing ceremony, which took place in the historic building of the square.


Speaking at the contract signing ceremony for the Ganita-Faroz Coastline Arrangement Urban Design Project, Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said, “We are excited to be starting our vision project, which we shared with our people during the election period and which we consider very important. Ganita-Faroz is a very important destination for our city. There is hardly anyone who lives in Trabzon and does not have a memory there. Ganita region was a very important location where we often went, rested and had fun in our childhood and youth. However, with the development of the city in different ways over time, it ceased to be a place where people could go. The Ganita region is an indispensable region for the people of Trabzon and we are here to bring back its old importance. kazanWe carried out the work of climbing in two years. Today, the project has been completed, the source has been found, the tender has been made, we are signing the contract now. And our contractor company will quickly start the necessary work.”


Stating that he always emphasizes one point, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Our works and projects are not daily projects. We focus on detailed works that touch the city, and will serve the city for many years with its infrastructure and superstructure. Therefore, you and our city will see our projects in a few years. We started to touch almost everywhere in Trabzon and our districts. Everywhere, our projects are starting to sprout slowly. We are also very pleased with this ”.


Stating that the work will be carried out in an area of ​​approximately 3 kilometers between Ganita and Faroz and a location of 200 thousand square meters, President Zorluoğlu said, “We are creating a living space here for both our local and foreign visitors and our valuable citizens living in Trabzon. Its most important feature is the historical value of the Ganita region, but at the same time, it is a destination within walking distance, which can be easily reached from the Meydan area, Maraş Street, Kunduracılar. One of the issues that our citizens complain about the most is not being able to reach the sea. Especially after the coastal road was built, this complaint has increased even more and has come to this day. Now, with our Ganita-Faroz Project, we are initiating this important project that will enable our citizens to meet the sea within walking distance and have a comfortable time there. "This is a recreation area, living space and the closest location where we can reach the sea."


Providing information about the content of the project, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “To put it in general terms, we have 1 large restaurant, 3 cafe restaurants, 1 book cafe, 7 hazelnut kiosks, 150 wooden viewing terraces of 2 square meters. There are 2 40 meters long seafront terraces. We have 7 piers, 15 to 30 meters long, that stretch perpendicular to the sea and can be used by our amateur fishermen. There will be 1 infinity window, 1 sunset terrace, 2 thousand 500 meters walking path, 2 thousand 837 meters bicycle path. We are redesigning cycling and walking paths from Ganita to Faroz. From there, we will be connected to the opposite side, that is, to the bicycle path in the Beşirli region, which already exists, with a beautiful small bridge. Therefore, with this project, from Ganita to Faroz, it is now possible to bike, walk, skateboard etc. We provide the opportunity to reach by vehicles. Children's playgrounds, skateboard track, fitness areas, viewing terraces will also be areas that our citizens will benefit from in this region. With the new area we will create in the Ganita-Faroz region, we strive to offer more than one beauties to all our citizens, from 7 to 77. Opportunities that will appeal to every segment and allow them to have a good time will be included in this project ”.


Emphasizing that the Ganita-Faroz Beach Band Arrangement Urban Design Project is a green-friendly project, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “There are 1307 broad-leaved trees to be replanted in the project. And again we have 247 coniferous trees. At the same time, we will have different touches that will make this project look green with 97 thousand bushes and perennial herbaceous plants ”.


The project is exciting and a very big one for Trabzon. kazanExpressing that I have a goal, Chairman Zorluoğlu said, “We worked on the project for a long time. We believe it is a good and quality project. We made the tender with the open tender method. There is a contract value of 47,5 million liras. Zigana Landscape Engineering Consultancy Organization Services participated in our open tender and kazanthey were. God forbid. They know how important a job it is for us and our city. We will carry out the construction process in a shorter time than the time stipulated in the contract, but with a very high quality workmanship, in a way that people who go there will pray for many years, saying good luck to both you and us. Our relevant units and control staff will follow closely. It is our showcase and it will be the most beautiful coastal arrangement not only in Trabzon but also in the region. We are ambitious about it. When it is completed, we will see together that these words we said today are not exaggerated at all and that what we said took place in the same field.”


Stating that the end of the contract is February 2023, Chairman Zorluoğlu said, “But I think it shouldn't take that long. Friends usually give time to tenders because they know my meticulousness. Because most of the time, I go and intervene in person. There were many times that I had the parts I didn't like disassembled again. They give the legal time anyway, but I believe our contractor brother, Trabzon company, I hope this important project to our Trabzon will be done more quickly. kazanthey yell. I believe that this will be completed in 2022. I believe we will use part of the summer next year. Let's get started, it will be completed sooner," he said.

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