Russian State Television to Promote Bursa's Historical Places

Russian state television promotes the scholarship
Russian state television promotes the scholarship

The contacts between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Foreign Relations Department and Bursa Culture Tourism and Promotion Union at the Moscow International Tourism Fair started to yield positive results. Part of the travel program broadcast on Russian State Television Russia 1 was reserved for Bursa and Marmara Region.

Working within the scope of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's search for new markets in tourism, the Department of Foreign Relations and the Bursa Culture Tourism and Promotion Association participated in the Moscow International Tourism Fair, which was among the world's prestigious tourism fairs, and introduced the values ​​of Bursa to Russian tourism professionals. While the contacts of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Russia showed their effects in a short time, Russia's State Television Russia 1 came to Bursa for the travel program shooting. The travel program team, broadcasted in Russia 1 and hosted by the famous singer of Russia Vlad Sokolovskiy, allocated a special section to Bursa and Marmara Region. While shooting in places such as Tophane, the walls, Ulucami, Irgandı Bridge, which are the historical places of Bursa, Vlad Sokolovskiy wore folklore clothes and played both sword and shield and promoted this game unique to Bursa. Recording the chestnut sugar, one of the tastes of Bursa, with its production stages, the Russian team also visited Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş in his office.

The way of tourism is through publicity

With the presenter of the program Vlad Sokolovskiy sohbet President Aktaş thanked the Russian team for their interest in Bursa. Bursa's tourism diversity in terms of Turkey's President recalled that one of the most privileged city Aktas, "History, nature, local delicacies, handicrafts, such as we have to count the ending value. However, it does not make sense for us to know these values ​​alone. We take care to participate in international fairs to promote these values ​​to the world. The way of tourism is through publicity. "We want to introduce Bursa better and host more tourists in such programs," he said.

Vlad Sokolovskiy stated that the Russians prefer Antalya, which is more of a coastal region for vacation, and said that he admires Bursa. Sokolovskiy added that they prepared a nice program to promote Bursa, a city of history, in the best way.

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