Prefabricated Beam Installation of Karamürsel Bridge Interchange

Prefabricated beam assembly of the caramel cross junction is being made
Prefabricated beam assembly of the caramel cross junction is being made

The top of the tunnel was started to be covered with 130 pre-stressed prefabricated beams at the Kent Meydani Bridge Junction built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to the Karamürsel crossing of the D-348 Highway. After the completion of the prefabricated beam assemblies, the top of the tunnel will be covered by pouring the concrete deck concrete. Installation of insulation material inside the tunnel for raft foundation, side curtain concrete and waterproofing continues.


Karamürsel City Square Bridge Interchange, which is the longest tunnel after Kocaeli's Seka Tunnel, has a 19 meters wide and 296 meters closed section. During the excavations carried out for the construction of the Karamürsel City Square Bridge Crossroad tunnel, where prefabricated beam assemblies started, 100 thousand cubic meters of approximately 10 thousand trucks of excavation were removed.


In Karamürsel, which is one of the important routes of intercity passenger and logistics transportation, intercity transportation will be relieved as well as urban traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to bring the giant project to the region. 803 bored piles were driven in Karamürsel City Square Köprülü Crossroad, built by the Metropolitan Municipality. The tunnel, which has a 19 meter width and a 296 meter closed section, started to be covered with 348 pre-tensioned prefabricated beams.

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