Popular Beard and Mustache Models of 2021

in popular beard and mustache models
in popular beard and mustache models

The beard and mustache, which symbolized power and status in the men's world from ancient times to recent history, are among the important accessories of men today.

Every year, new trends dominate the beard and mustache culture, which has become popular especially for the last 10 years. The beard and mustache trends of 2021 are already among the topics shared by both men and women around the world, especially in the digital world.

Sakalbaba.com, the e-commerce platform that meets all the needs of beard and its care, which has recently become the new passion of men, shared the beard and mustache trends that are expected to mark the rest of 2021 with the spring season.

Messy hair and beard style: Hipster

The hipster style that marks the first quarter of 2021, where hair and beard are mixed together and mess is at the center; It stands out as a style that defines the charismatic and well-groomed hair and beard that just got out of bed. In order to achieve this beard style, it is first necessary to have a long beard and mustache.

Permanent member of the list: Stubble

As every year, the stubble is at the top of the list. Stubble beard, which is perhaps the most favorite of men and is easier to maintain than other beard types, continues its charisma in 2021.

The consequence of the pandemic: Short hair, long beard

The search for men who spend a long time at home during the pandemic period to make hair and beard care easier. While the concept of short hair and long beard facilitates hair and beard care for men during the pandemic period, it also finds its place in the list as a new trend.

Popular in Western Europe and South America: Horseshoe mustache

Horseshoe mustache is among the most well-known mustache types used in many regions of the world. Horseshoe mustache, which has become popular among men in 2021 after many years, is increasing its popularity especially in Western Europe and South American countries.

From the Ottoman to the present: Pencil mustache

Pencil mustache, which is one of the most preferred mustache types of Turkish men from the Ottoman period to the present, is in fashion again. This mustache style, which is expressed to create a great combination especially with a suit, is among the mustache trends that will increase in popularity in the second period of 2021.

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