Attention to Masacne and Eczema During Pandemic Period!

Pay attention to maskacne and eczema during the pandemic period
Pay attention to maskacne and eczema during the pandemic period

With the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become a part of life for the last 1 year. It is very important to use a mask to avoid Covid-19 infection. Sometimes the masks that need to be worn throughout the day are made of synthetic material and the wrong use can cause problems such as eczema or acne on the skin. Professor of Dermatology at Memorial Şişli and Ataşehir Hospitals. Dr. Necmettin Akdeniz gave information about the skin diseases triggered by the wrong use of masks.

In particular, wearing and taking off masks and not using appropriate masks can exacerbate skin diseases. Wearing a mask in the Covid process is very important and necessary for health. Despite this requirement, wearing a face mask can be extremely uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin and individuals with facial skin diseases. Recently, many people consult a doctor because of eczema and acne disorders on the face due to wearing a mask.

Your mask should not be too loose or tight

Temperature and humidity changes often exacerbate both eczema and acne. In this case, wearing a mask can also exacerbate these diseases. If the mask is too loose or too tight, it may cause friction; friction and contact also increase eczema and acne. All these effects make the treatment of acne and eczema difficult and may require a different planning.

Eczema symptoms can be aggravated

Masks worn to protect against Covid-19 infection can cause itching, mild or severe irritation on the face due to friction. This may cause skin diseases such as eczema or exacerbation of existing ones. This condition on the skin can cause itching, redness, dryness, scaling and dandruff on the skin. In addition, if the person has eczema, the symptoms may be exacerbated, and a wider spread can be observed with watering and crusting bubbles.

Masks can cause 'MASKACNE'

As you breathe, a moist environment is created under the mask. The moist environment caused by the mask irritates the skin and causes the bacteria to multiply there, causing acne. In fact, acne due to mask, acne formation was named as "MASKAKNE" and entered the medical literature with coronavirus disease. In the maskacne table, acne consists of red and inflamed pimples and does not pass easily. Simple pimples can turn into deeper and scarring pimples.

Pay attention to these when using masks

When using a mask, some important points should be considered;

  • ?? A mask with an adjustable strap and the bending of the wire part of the mask to the bridge of the nose and tightly fit it reduces friction.
  • ?? The material and quality of the mask is also important; Soft natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and silk should be preferred for sensitive skin. Synthetic and polyester masks should not be chosen.
  • ?? The old and worn masks whose structure deteriorates due to the frequent wearing and removal of the masks can also cause damage to the skin. For this reason, masks with damaged texture should be replaced frequently with new ones.
  • ?? Care should be taken that the rubbers used in the mask are not allergic. Tires containing latex can cause severe reactions in sensitive individuals and even anaphylaxis, shock and loss of life in latex allergy sufferers.
  • ?? Masks worn behind the ear should not be particularly tight. Tight mask tires and strings can cause irritant eczema, allergic eczema, wounds and severe pain in the ear.
  • ?? A mask worn by someone else should never be used.
  • ?? Masks can be removed in safe environments to soothe the skin. If possible, at certain times, the mask should be removed for at least 15 minutes in open air without anyone around or in well-ventilated closed areas.
  • ?? Care should be taken for the health of the skin and care should be taken to eliminate the irritation. The face should be washed twice a day with cleaners suitable for the skin and care should be taken with restorative creams. Moisturizing with light moisturizers containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid and protection with appropriate barrier creams.
  • ?? This application should be avoided as intense make-up will increase both eczema and acne.
  • It is vital to comply with mask, distance and hygiene rules in order to protect against pandemic and attention must be paid. The mask used must be made of material that will not harm the skin and must be worn correctly. In case of skin problems, help should be sought from a physician specialized in dermatology.

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