Kardemir Contributes to the National Economy with Energy Production

Kardemir contributes to the national economy with energy production
Kardemir contributes to the national economy with energy production

Kardemir, which produces value beyond being a factory with its 84 years of deep-rooted history, continues to contribute to the national economy with its products and its subsidiary fields. factory in one of Turkey's three largest integrated iron and steel companies position within the blast furnace plant, rolling mill and the side of the production unit as meltshop order continues to work while the day and night in the other operating units to ensure that production.

Energy, which is indispensable for modern economy and production, plays an important role in shaping the world. The importance of electricity generation, which has become a part of sustainable production and social life, is undeniably important for our company. Kardemir, which has strengthened its investments in the field of electricity generation every year since its establishment, directs the future of our company with its expert and qualified employees in energy facilities. The installed power of our company is planned to increase to 77,50 MW with the 30 MW in our factory area and the 107,50 MW Turbine-Generator whose investment is ongoing. So much so that, in the last year 2020, we produced 586.781.000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and produced electricity equivalent to the needs of 196.445 houses.

The point reached in the company at the moment is proud in energy production and consumption, which is a national issue not only for Kardemir but also for the country. Having a conventional culture of producing the electricity it needs with its own means and devotion, Kardemir contributes to the country's economy by transforming / using the gases generated in the iron and steel production process and not needing a national grid.

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