İŞKUR Does Not Leave Disabled Citizens Alone

Iskur does not leave our disabled citizens alone
Iskur does not leave our disabled citizens alone

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services supports the employment of disabled citizens through İŞKUR. The Ministry ensures that our disabled citizens gain professional experience and experience, especially with the On-the-Job Training Program. In this regard, our disabled citizens are given the opportunity to apply their theoretical training in their professions in a working environment.

24-year-old mentally disabled Tülay Karademir, who lives in Yalova, is one of those who have a profession by benefiting from the On-the-Job Training Program. Tülay, who was employed in the spare parts control department of a factory after his training, said, “Thanks to İŞKUR, I have gained a profession and contribute to my family's budget. My disabled friends like me can have a profession thanks to İŞKUR's On-the-Job Training Program ”.

Stating that they were very pleased with Tülay's profession, her cousin Gülhan Tezce said, “Because Tülay's parents are also disabled. We help as much as we can, but İŞKUR's support is very important. It is a positive opportunity for our disabled brothers and sisters like Tülay to become active and socialize. Tülay and other disabled brothers and sisters are not alone with the support of İŞKUR ”. Tezce said, “He previously worked in schools through İŞKUR. Tülay's consultant at İŞKUR was very helpful. In fact, when we applied, a person who was looking for a disabled employee came. Dialogue was established immediately and the job was entered. In other words, the process took place in a very short time ”.

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