Smart Technologies Will Determine Vacationers' Choice This Summer

Intelligent technologies will determine vacationers' preference this summer
Intelligent technologies will determine vacationers' preference this summer

📩 26/03/2021 13:40

Hotels, one of the cornerstones of the tourism industry, expect to welcome their guests in the summer season. In this period when security needs will be at least as important as hygiene due to the pandemic; Thermal cameras, contactless access control systems, social distance and density measurement systems will protect hotel guests and employees.

The tourism industry, Turkey while maintaining the leveraging effect on the economy, to generate revenue from the sector's sustainable hotel which is also the foundation stone in order to more customers attracted to intensive efforts in bulunuyor.2020 year negatively affected sector due to the pandemic, slowly releasing to start restrictions on the epidemic, this year expected it is considered as a sign that mobility can be seen.

However, the questions about the epidemic have not come to an end in people's minds. This season, it is expected to guide the choice of vacationers in terms of safety as well as hygiene. In the new normal period, the ability of the hotels to provide the security level as well as the comfort will be the primary reason for choice by the customers. Therefore, hotels will need to provide indoor and environmental security in an integrated manner with smart security solutions without disturbing the customer.

Electronic security solutions are indispensable for hotels

Stating that they ensure the sustainable protection of the facilities with the electronic security solutions they offer to hotels, Sensormatic Marketing Director Pelin Yelkencioğlu said, “Access control, fire detection and smart camera systems have become indispensable in hotels. Environmental security is increasingly important for hotels. Thanks to the smart video analysis software, unauthorized access, a suspicious package or someone wandering around is detected instantly, and the image can be sent to the Remote Monitoring Center as an alarm. Thus, a possible event can be prevented before it happens. " said.

Handling keys and cards is a thing of the past thanks to mobile access control systems

According to the information given by Pelin Yelkencioğlu, in many hotels, access security starts from the elevators. The room cards of the guests are matched with the floor number of their rooms. In this way, the person can only go to the floor where his / her room is located, and malicious people are prevented from walking on different floors. In addition, thanks to the new generation mobile access control systems, the room number can be defined on the guest's mobile device. In this way, the guest does not need to carry a card or key to enter their room.

Risks stay out with contactless access control systems

Employees' entrance and exit to private areas such as offices or kitchens is carried out using biometric technologies such as fingerprint reading, face and iris recognition. Thus, contactless passage is provided. While temperature measurement and mask control are carried out quickly and automatically with thermal cameras placed at the entrances of the facility; In this way, the risks posed by the Kovid-19 outbreak are also eliminated. The solution gives an audible or light alarm when it detects a body temperature outside the specified limits or in case of unmasked passage.

Pay attention to density and social distance!

The 'Density Measurement Solution' is used to control the number of people in a particular area in accommodation facilities. The solution installed at the entrance of the restaurant, activity center, gym, Turkish bath and sauna displays instant intensity information. In addition to waiting times, a warning is displayed on the screen if the density limit is exceeded. In this way, enterprises can control the limits of the number of people determined per square meter with technology and the need for additional personnel is eliminated.

Employees' HES code is under control

HES code application, one of the most important control systems of the pandemic period, has become an important part of the security system in hotels or holiday villages. With the new circular, employees are required to keep fever measurement records in order to obtain a hygiene certificate for hotels. With the system developed by Sensormatic, the HES code of the employees is controlled automatically at regular intervals during the day. Thanks to the software that works in integration with contactless technologies, all this data can be managed from a single center. Employees' entry-exit and fire temperature records can be kept automatically, and the areas where they enter and exit can be authorized.

Remote monitoring against fire risk

Fire detection solutions are one of the most important security systems for a tourism facility. Thanks to these systems that detect fire instantly, the life safety of customers and employees is ensured. With the Fire System Remote Monitoring Service developed by Sensormatic, higher performance detection is provided, while maintenance and management costs are reduced. The remote monitoring service helps to safely and efficiently monitor, maintain and service fire detection equipment.

More efficient businesses emerge with smart technologies

Underlining that solutions are provided to everyone with smart technologies, Sensormatic Marketing Director Pelin Yelkencioğlu said: “In addition to reducing costs, an advanced technological infrastructure is established and this increases the service quality of the enterprise. We attach importance to working in integration with each other. In this way, we realize easy-to-manage and sustainable projects. When risks are eliminated, the efficiency of businesses increases, which allows managers to focus on different areas.

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