Gaziray Metro, You Choose!

Gaziray metro, you sec
Gaziray metro, you sec

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality invites the citizen to the model and color questionnaire for the GAZIRAY metro, which will strengthen the city in terms of transportation. Participants will participate in the survey that will end on 31 March. can reach from.

With the protocol signed for the purchase of 8 electric train sets within the scope of the GAZIRAY Project, the color and model of the vehicles that are the subject of curiosity will be determined by the opinion of the public by acting in the direction of "participatory and transparent municipalism". In this context, a survey was prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for Gazi city residents. Citizens who want to fill out the questionnaire that will expire on March 31, be able to participate in the survey at.

In the survey, presented to the public with the slogan "Choose the GAZIRAY Metro", there are images of the trains in 2 different models with yellow and green tones. The only thing participants have to do is to click on the option they like and make their choice. Citizens can only vote one.

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