Profiles of Turkey's giant shipyard Had GBC Products

GBC was the choice of products turkiyenin giant shipyard
GBC was the choice of products turkiyenin giant shipyard

📩 26/03/2021 10:10

shipyards and shipbuilding industry leader of Turkey prefers Italian GBC branded products in their projects. Being a professional solution partner of the industrial world with cutting edge technology beveling and pipe cutting solutions, GBC branded products meet the sector with the assurance of Habib Makina.

With 41 years of experience in the sector in Europe, America and the Far East that brings together the leading brands in Turkey Machinery industry Habib, the Italian machine manufacturer gbc'n performing distributor in Turkey. Bevelling, cutting pipe, flanges Get your fix, such as sanding and technical applications Collar Italian GBC branded products, offering professional solutions, is preferred by the shipbuilding company in Turkey. Ship maintenance and refurbishment project in which the leader of Turkey Gamak Tuzla Shipyard, Istanbul Shipyard is one of the pioneers of Turkish shipbuilding industry giant that has made its name with the project North Star Shipyard and is one of the private sector shipyard has the largest area of ​​RMK Marine, recently Habib GBC brand through Machine It is among the shipyards that supply products. explaining that they offer the mainly GBC COMPACT EDGE 80 products to the shipbuilding industry Habib Machine Vice President Joseph Habib, "we introduce the market with quality products and great importance for Turkey, we are proud to contribute our products to very large projects," he says.

GBC for the Easiest Solution of Difficult Jobs in Shipbuilding

GBC, the professional solution partner of the industrial world in bevelling and pipe cutting applications on sheet metal plates and pipes, is produced in Italy and is known as the easy solution to difficult jobs all over the world. GBC technology deserves this title to the full because it makes it easy to open a welding groove at a certain angle in its cold state without welding sheet plates and pipes to each other.

Before this method developed by GBC, the beveling process was done by grinding method. However, grinding did not allow for a healthy welding as it heats the metal and spoils its alloy. GBC's new generation COMPACT EDGE and MULTIEDGE series allow cold application of the bevel opening process that requires aesthetics and delicacy.

The COMPACT EDGE machine is able to open a chuck quality bevel thanks to its fast rotation with 9 hard metal bits attached to a milling head. The machine can be adjusted precisely between 15-60 degrees, and it can automatically advance 1,5 meters per minute without the need for any personnel. One of the most important features of the COMPACT EDGE machine is that it can open a maximum 6 mm welding mouth to 60 mm - 50 mm thick sheets.

GBC's newest machine, MULTIEDGE series, can be used on 6 mm - 120 mm thick sheets and can open up to 80 mm bevels. The MULTIEDGE machine also stands out with its features such as face correction, coating removal and optionally J Bevel.

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