Free Internet Usage Started in Ankara Squares

Free internet usage started in Ankara squares
Free internet usage started in Ankara squares

The free internet service implemented in 918 rural neighborhoods for students who receive distance education during the pandemic process is now being carried to the squares of Başkent. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We believe that the right to access the Internet is a fundamental human right. We will continue to weave the future of the capital with internet networks, ”the free Wi-Fi service, which was announced with the words, was opened to the use of citizens in 20 squares in the first place.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which initiated free Wi-Fi service in 918 neighborhoods for the benefit of students who receive distance education in order to ensure equal opportunity in education during the pandemic process, carries this service to city squares.

Within the scope of the work planned to be carried out in 35 squares of the city, free internet access was initially activated in 6 squares as of March 2021, 20.


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who made the first announcement to the citizens on January 10, 30 with the words "We plan to provide free internet to a total area of ​​2020 million square meters in different parts of our city as soon as possible", He explained that they provide internet access at 20 points with the following words:

“We believe that the right to access the internet is a fundamental human right. We started to provide free Wi-Fi service in 20 squares and we are planning to reach 10 million square meters by the end of the year. We will continue to weave the future of Başkent with internet networks. "


While the Information Technology Department opened 1,4 squares covering an area of ​​20 million square meters to internet access, the squares activated through the address "" were shown one by one.

In order to benefit not only the citizens of the capital, but also the local and foreign tourists, the directions containing the transportation information of these points were also included on the website.

The free 1st Stage Wi-Fi points (PHASE1), which were commissioned within the scope of the service that brings citizens together with fast, safe and free internet, are as follows:

1- 512. Street İvedik
2- Adnan Yuksel Cad
3- Akyurt Cumhuriyet Square
4- Batıkent Square (In front of Gimsa)
5- Elmadağ City Square
6- Haymana Town Square
7- Kalecik Town Square
8- Polatlı Town Square
9- Martyr Salim Akgul
10- Ayas Town Square
11- Bala Town Square
12- Beypazarı Atatürk Park
13- Çamlıdere Ali Semerkandi Tomb
14- Güdül City Square
15- Kahramankazan City Square
16- Kizilcahamam (Soguksu Departure)
17- Nallıhan City Square
18- Sereflikoçhisar Ankara Street
19- Universe Town Square
20- Ulus Square


Internet access will be provided at 15 points within the scope of free Wi-Fi application in the center and district squares in a short time.

In the second phase (PHASE 2) of the works, which can be followed at, 2 more points where parks and recreation areas are located will be connected to the use of citizens by connecting Wi-Fi. Within the scope of the project, free internet will be available at 30 points in total in the square and recreation areas throughout the city in Başkent until the end of the year.


Citizens will set a password by connecting to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Wi-Fi address from their smart mobile phones, computers or tablets to the free Wi-Fi network. With the text message sent to their mobile devices, after the connection is established, they will automatically benefit from this service with the same password at every point where there is free internet access.

Stating that the service will provide them economical support and enjoy the privilege of using the internet, which is the most important communication tool of the age with smart city applications, the people of Başkent expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Sima on the ball: “I heard that free internet service was provided to the villages during the pandemic period. Internet has become a part of our lives. Thank you."

-Abu Bakr Iseri: “Good to have internet everywhere. Especially in village locations. Students were able to attend their classes comfortably during the distance education period. Mansur, we thank our president. "

-Emrah Karabacak: “Young people were also seen, everyone was done. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş for this service. Thanks, let it be. "

-Erdogan Efe Karabacak: “This service has been very helpful for us. A very well thought out service. Mansur president is doing what nobody has done. I offer my hug full of love. "

- Ateş Akbulut: “Nice service. Not all students have internet. It's nice to have WI-FI when going out for a walk. At least our package is running out, we don't have money in our pocket. In this case, we can immediately benefit from this service. "

-Hasip Gokce: “A must-have service. Something people need. Now we need the internet in our lives and at all times. It would be better if its scope was expanded. "

-Arzu Eroglu: “We really like the work of our Mansur president. I thank him very much. "

-Feride Hunter: “The fact that such a thing has been done answers an important need. Other municipalities should also take the example. At the moment, it is almost impossible to do anything without internet. If systems such as appointment system, e-government, distance education have been set up, access to them should be free of charge everywhere. "

-Sena Aktas: "Everyone should have free access to an internet that can meet our compulsory needs and at least make an appointment at the hospital during the pandemic period."

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