Free Internet Service Receives Full Marks from Citizens in Ankara

Free internet service in Ankara got full marks from citizens
Free internet service in Ankara got full marks from citizens

With the words of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, “We believe that the right to access the internet is a fundamental human right”, the free internet service implemented in Başkent squares received full marks from the citizens.

The free internet application in the squares that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality put into practice last week attracts great attention from the citizens.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to facilitate the lives of citizens and to support economically within the scope of smart city applications, initially started free wi-fi service in 20 squares.


Under the coordination of the Information Technologies Department, free internet service, which started in 20 squares, will be brought together with citizens in a total of 35 squares in a short time. "We believe that the right to access the internet is a fundamental human right" Drawing attention to the subject with his words, Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, announced that they are planning to reach an area of ​​10 million square meters by the end of the year.

Metropolitan Municipality, in order for all citizens of Capital, including local and foreign tourists, to benefit from this service,wifi.ankara.bel.trOne by one explained the squares with wi-fi connection activated through the address, together with the address information.


Metropolitan Municipality placed warning signs for citizens at 20 points in order to access the free wi-fi network.

Using the wi-fi feature of your mobile devices to the internet connection "Ankara Buyuksehir Wifi" Citizens who need to enter the wireless network become members by introducing their mobile phone numbers to the system at first use. Citizens can connect to the internet wherever the application is valid throughout the city with the connection password sent to their mobile phone after the completion of the membership process.


The free, fast and safe internet service of the Metropolitan Municipality, which brings together technological innovations with the citizens with the understanding of social municipality, received full marks from all citizens, especially young people.

Citizens from other provinces, as well as those from Başkent, who benefited from the new service for the first time, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Mehmet Aslan: “Our President, Mansur Yavaş, had the internet connected here for the benefit of all our people. God bless you."

-Mahmut Can Bozyiğit: “Internet packages are sold at high prices. Some citizens cannot afford to buy internet packages. The free wi-fi application of our Mansur president has been very good. Thank you very much."

-Kadir Uzuntas: “I came from Antalya. I connected to the internet with one move, one password. It is very fast and fluid. We live in the Internet age. Everything is done on the internet right now. This application is very nice because even shopping is done on the internet due to the pandemic. Mansur, thank you to the President. "

-Elif Ozkartal: “I am a university student, I used this application also in Ulus Square. I was very pleased. At the same time, together with my roommate, we also benefit from the water discount applied by our president to student houses. Thank you."

-Rifat Kucukozdemir: “I am a tradesman in Ulus. Really nice service. At least we have tradesmen who don't have wi-fi right now. It was very nice for them as well. There are a lot of students here, going and coming. It has been a great service for everyone. "

-Zeynep Küçüközdemir: “It has been very good for us, for children in distance education, for everyone. We have the internet but it's a good service for those who don't. "

-Ozge Ozer: "This service of our Mansur president is a very good service for humanity."

-Burak Vardar: "Our President, Mansur Yavaş, has brought a very good service especially for the youth."

-Selami Health: “I am a tradesman in Ulus. What can be said about Mansur Bey, who also takes care of the nation tradesmen? We thank him very much. "

-Ahmet Arslan: "An application worthy of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality."

The free wi-fi points that have been activated are as follows:

  • 1- 512. Street İvedik
  • 2- Adnan Yuksel Cad
  • 3- Akyurt Cumhuriyet Square
  • 4- Batıkent Square (In front of Gimsa)
  • 5- Elmadağ City Square
  • 6- Haymana Town Square
  • 7- Kalecik Town Square
  • 8- Polatlı Town Square
  • 9- Martyr Salim Akgul
  • 10- Ayas Town Square
  • 11- Bala Town Square
  • 12- Beypazarı Atatürk Park
  • 13- Çamlıdere Ali Semerkandi Tomb
  • 14- Güdül City Square
  • 15- Herokazan City Square
  • 16- Kizilcahamam (Soguksu Departure)
  • 17- Nallıhan City Square
  • 18- Sereflikoçhisar Ankara Street
  • 19- Universe Town Square
  • 20- Ulus Square

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