Five Suggestions for Getting a Exercise Habit

Five tips for gaining exercise habits
Five tips for gaining exercise habits

📩 15/03/2021 12:12

The benefits of regular exercise for both body and mind health are not endless. However, it can sometimes be difficult to put this into a routine and to be able to exercise at least three days a week without losing motivation. MACFit Cevahir Instructor Nursefa Kayan says that habits are very important to maintaining a regular exercise routine. Kayan shared his suggestions that will make exercising much easier and more fun than you think instead of being burdened:

Set goal

It doesn't matter what our goal is. We may want our bodies to be stronger, more fit, or we may be aiming to lose weight. A clear purpose and goal guides us during training sessions. Therefore, it is in the first place to set goals that will make us happy and feel good.

Make a playlist

According to the research; Exercising by listening to music helps us speed up. Before going to the gym, it is good to create a playlist and add songs that we love, motivate us, and listen to that list only while doing sports.

Plan ahead

The plans we will make before going to the gym also contribute to our exercise habits. The first is to prepare the sports bag the night before. Then we need to make a list of factors that challenge us and make it easier for us to create excuses. Also, an exercise plan is essential to know which days of the week we will train. This plan is very important in order not to lose our motivation and to act in a way that suits your training needs. For example, we can have legs on Monday, upper body work on Tuesday and rest on Wednesday. If it is organized like this, there will be no place for excuses.

Include the things you love

The exercise routine doesn't always have to be intense, demanding, or boring. We can make it easier to stick to the fitness routine by including the things we enjoy doing. For example, if we enjoy cycling lessons, it would be helpful to take a cycling lesson once or several times a week.

Track your progress

It is very possible to lose our motivation and get bored when we repeat the same things every time in the gym. Seeing the good results of our effort and realizing that our strength and energy level have increased also provides a positive effect to continue sports.

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