KUDAKA Support for Tourism Mobility in Erzurum

Tourism mobility in Erzurum
Tourism mobility in Erzurum

The contracts of the "Mountain Safari, Rope Park, Artificial Grass Ski / Erzurum Tourism Infrastructure Support Project" and the "Erzurum Tourism Infrastructure Support Urban Esthetics Project", which are supported within the scope of the "Development of Sectoral Competitiveness Infrastructure Program" and will be carried out by the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, It was signed by Mayor Mehmet Sekmen and KUDAKA General Secretary Oktay Güven.

150 days of the year snow covered not, 3200 meters up to the summit of the world, all the ski resorts closest to the center of its kind in the city between the number of tourists to Turkey's major ski resorts in Ski Center Palandöken located and are ongoing efforts to increase the diversity. It is aimed to spread the variety of services and tourism to twelve months by establishing mountain safari, rope park, artificial grass skiing equipment and infrastructure facilities within the scope of the "Support to the Erzurum Tourism Infrastructure Project" prepared as a continuation of these studies.

Due to its rich historical background, climate and geographical structure, thermal water resources, developed health infrastructure and high altitude, Erzurum has a very rich potential for sports camps, and efforts are underway to make Erzurum a tourism city. In addition to the physical improvement works carried out with the “Erzurum Tourism Infrastructure Support Urban Aesthetics Project” prepared within this scope, it aims to contribute to the tourism infrastructure of Erzurum by increasing the quality, profitability, life span and manufacturing speed of the wooden materials used in wooden facade cladding / street reinforcement works.

It is planned to provide Agency support of approximately 8,4 million TL to the two projects with a total investment of 5 million TL.

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